Welcome, New Taskers!

Welcome to the Burrow, TaskRabbit’s official blog! Whether you’re here for the basics on tasking or looking for new tips and tricks to upgrade your business, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to earn a meaningful income on TaskRabbit.

New to tasking? You’re in the right place.

The Global Tasker Community

In celebration of the growing and thriving global Tasker community, hear from fellow Taskers about how tasking has given them flexibility, earning potential, and the ability to do what they love.

Popular Categories

On TaskRabbit you have the freedom to choose the categories you’d like to task in. Check out the tips in the following articles so that you can hit the ground running in our highest demand categories!

TaskRabbit can do Minor Home Repairs.
TaskRabbit can do moving tasks.
TaskRabbit can do Mounting tasks, for your television or for your art.

TaskRabbit can assemble all of your IKEA furniture, from wardrobes, to beds, to bookcases, to tables, and more.
TaskRabbit can handle your cleaning, deep cleaning, and sanitizing tasks, scrubbing your home until it sparkles.

Tasker Tips

The most successful Taskers master the balance between creating great experiences for their Clients and running their business.

The following articles are some of our best tips sourced from Taskers on how to manage the many moving parts that come with running a business on the platform.

New Taskers can read tips on how to get Clients to notice you.
New Taskers can get advice on writing compelling quick pitches so Clients will hire them.
New Taskers can learn all about metrics for their business and how to improve them.

Level Up Your Business on TaskRabbit

Once you’ve started tasking and have mastered the basics, check out these articles for how to level up your business on TaskRabbit.

Level up your TaskRabbit business by earning client trust and building trusted relationships.
Taskers can learn how to upsell. If you can do many tasks, share that with your Client!
Which TaskRabbit categories do you want to do? Learn more here.

The Learning Library

Explore the Learn section of the blog for a deeper look at popular categories on TaskRabbit. You can get information to help you hone your existing skills, gain new skills, and grow your business on TaskRabbit!

8 Thoughts

  1. I just wanted to let someone/anyone know the fact that you even have “The Burrow” is for me outstanding. Especially the section where you meet “ The Taskers”, coming from another platform it is really nice to know there are real people and not just scripted computers on the other end of the text/phone call/ email/ when you really need it. All the tips and training videos are awesome. It appears to me you are serious about building this platform and brand, not just riding the wave of the gig market. Hats off to you all.


  2. Hi. Do I create & submit an invoice at the end of the day if I’m coming back the next day for the same task or do I not create an invoice & submit until it’s completely done which may be a week’s worth?


    1. Hi Kim! Since your task is over multiple days, you can mark the task as “ongoing” on the invoicing screen. This enables you to invoice the amount of hours at the end of each day that you work with the Client. It also enables the chat to stay open with your Client. Over chat, you can set expectations with your Client that you will submit an invoice for the amount of hours you complete each day. Hope this helps, thanks for asking!


    2. Hi Kim! Great question. Since your task is over multiple days, you can mark the task as “ongoing” on the invoicing screen. This enables you to invoice the amount of hours at the end of each day that you work with the Client. Marking a task as “ongoing” also enables the chat to stay open. You can communicate expectations with your Client via chat that they can expect to be invoiced for the amount of hours you complete each day of the task. Hope this helps!


  3. Hello. I was very excited to get my first task then my app stopped working. I’ve tried to delete it and reinstall. Still nothing. It’s been a month. What’s wrong? What can I do?


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