Tasker Update (App Version 4.19.0)

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Check out the sections below to see what changed.

March 2023

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Product Updates

1. Category merges

  1. What this means:
    1. The Deep Cleaning category has now been merged with our main Cleaning category.
      1. Note: We will also be introducing task scoping in the future so that Taskers opted into specific tasks will have a better understanding of what their client needs. 
    2. The Shopping, Errands, and Delivery categories have all been merged with our Errands category. 
    3. If you were previously opted in to any of the categories that are being merged, you’ve been automatically shifted to the surviving category. (i.e. if you were in the Deep Cleaning category, you’ve been automatically enrolled in the Cleaning category.)
    4. Your reviews, task history, and performance aren’t going anywhere, no matter what skills you’re opted in to. Your photos from any merged categories will also be carried over, and you’ll maintain Elite status if you’ve earned it in the previous category. 
  2. Why we did it: Data shows there’s a lot of redundancy in these categories today which leads to clients to be confused about where they should be booking their tasks. This update will give clients more clarity when they’re booking jobs and make it easier for you to scope your tasks.

2. Expense capping

  • What this means: The amount you can charge for expenses is now capped in multiple categories, including Errands ($250), Cleaning ($300), and Executive Assistant ($350). Learn more about how to expense items here.
  • Why we did it: Expense caps became necessary to help protect both you and clients from fraudulent activity.
Bug Fixes
  • We’ve made a few technical bug fixes to improve your Tasker app experience.

Tasker Tip

It has been a mild winter in quite a few of our metros, which means Yard Work demand is already on the rise! Yard Work tasks are a great way to gain repeat tasks, because clients always need help maintaining their outdoor living spaces. Activate the skill, and get paid to mow lawns, trim hedges, clean gutters, and more. Check out these blog articles to get started!

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