Tasker Update (App Version 4.15.0)

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Check out the sections below to see what changed.

January 2023

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Product Updates

1. Tasker Referral Program, In Your App

What this means: In applicable metros, we’ve brought our Tasker Referral program into your Tasker app, making it easy for you to refer friends to the platform.

Why we did it: Referring new Taskers is an easy way to get a $25 referral reward (or $50 if you’re Elite!). You can now share referral codes with friends from the following areas of your Tasker app:

1. Your “Announcements” inbox

2. Your profile settings

3. Your Elite dashboard (if you’re Elite).

Tasker Tip

Tasker Tip: Know how task scheduling works! When you add availability to your calendar, you need at least 2.5 continuous hours of time for any given block, or else you will not show in Client Recommendations. Many tasks take over an hour to complete, and we add in 30 minutes of travel time buffer. So, we’ve built this into our app to ensure you have enough time for any task you take on. Read more about task scheduling.

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