The Tasker Yard Work Checklist

Imagine for a second that you aren’t sitting at a computer all day, losing time to be outside, in the sun, and…oh wait! That isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s what life looks like when you task in the Yard Work category.

Taskers can make a great living helping clients manage their outdoor properties, because there are so many different types of tasks to be done (mowing, raking, and gardening are just a few). The greatest part? Most of these jobs are cyclical, making Yard Work one of the top categories for finding recurring tasks.  

If you’re new to Yard Work and wondering where to start, keep reading! We’ve compiled a checklist of key tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Yard Work Tips for Taskers

Yard Work starter tips

  • Write a clear Skills & Experience pitch. When you write your Yard Work pitch, it often helps to let potential clients know about your experience level, the tools you’ll bring, which tools you expect them to provide (i.e. lawn mower, gas, etc), and whether you do landscaping or gardening.
  • Build your Yard Work tool collection. Tools like a lawnmower or trimmers can be profitable investments as you grow your business. Read here about one of our perks, Level, which can help you finance equipment for your business.
  • Check out these Yard Work articles on our blog. You’ll find detailed info on mowing, trimming, gutter cleaning, and more.
  • Respond to each invitation you receive. Respond to each task invitation promptly. Failing to respond will forfeit the task and may negatively impact your analytics. Click here to learn more about Tasker Analytics.

Managing your availability

  • Add more availability to your calendar, and be flexible! Update your availability regularly. You can edit it up to 17 days in advance.
  • Manage your schedule. Be transparent about realistic time expectations. This will help you complete each task without schedule conflicts that could negatively affect your Tasker Analytics. Learn more about time management here.
  • Turn on your Same Day task feature. This is a great way to earn last-minute income in the Yard Work category. Remember that you have one hour to respond to Same Day invitations!

Scope the task

  • Ask your client for task details. Save a short questionnaire on your phone to use while scoping the task in chat. Click here for common questions.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Let your client know well in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule. Clear communication can also help you maintain high analytics.

Build repeat business

  • Clients need Yard Work tasks done year round. Any time you get a positive review, remind your clients that they can save you as a Favorite Tasker. They can then use the “chat to book” feature to hire you as their go-to Yard Work Tasker. Learn more.
  • Discounts available for your best clients. Want to get rehired by that awesome new client? Use the “Promote Yourself” section in the Tasker app to give them a discount code for their next task! Also, send your personal profile link after each task, so clients can hire you directly.

Get advice from your Tasker Success Manager

  • Did you know that Taskrabbit offers a unique, free service to all Taskers? You have a personalized Tasker Success Manager who is dedicated to your success on the platform. If you still have questions after attending our new Tasker workshop, you can book a call to review your profile, update your Skills & Experience pitch, and discuss where Yard Work tasks are booming in your area!

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