Tasker Update (App Version 4.12.0)

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Check out the sections below to see what changed.

November 2022

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Product Updates

1. Tasker App Support Chatbot

  • What this means: We’ve improved our in-app Tasker support experience by introducing a self-service chatbot for common questions or requests.
  • Why we did it: It was important that we provide you with quick and easy answers to the questions Taskers ask most. This will hopefully provide a smoother experience as you build your business.
Bug Fixes
  • We made some updates to your client chat experience to provide you with time stamps for all messages and phone calls.

Tasker Tip

Ace your client communication. Clear communication with ongoing and prospective clients goes a long way, whether you’re helping them complete a task or referring another Tasker who might be better suited for the job. According to Tasker Ace Marrero, being a team player is always important, no matter what the situation is. Read his top communication tips here!

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