Tasker Updates: July 2022

We made some updates to your Tasker app in July. Check out the sections below to see what changed.

July 2022

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Product Updates

1. New Elite program

  • What this means: Track your status with new analytics and an updated dashboard.
  • Why we did it: Given our recent Tasker Analytics update, we needed to update our Elite program as well. The new Elite program rewards the Taskers who are performing the best in their metro by consistently completing jobs for customers.

2. Streamlined registration
+ work area help

  • What this means: We’ve streamlined our registration process so you can easily find your work area.
  • Why we did it: We wanted to make sure new Taskers can sign up and start tasking as quickly as possible.

3. Tax information
location change

  • What this means: Your direct deposit and tax information is now under “Profile > Payments.”
  • Why we did it: So you can have a more organized “Support” tab in your Tasker app.
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug that prevented some of you from seeing push notifications.
  • We’ve fixed a bug preventing some of you from invoicing for Furniture Assembly tasks.
  • We’ve fixed a bug preventing some of you from billing in 15-minute increments.

Tip of the Month

Use a clear headshot on your profile. A well-lit, well-shot photo will go a long way toward showing clients that you care about completing your tasks and running a successful business. Read more about the importance of profile pictures.

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