Tasker Updates: August 2022

We made some updates to your Tasker app in August. Check out the sections below to see what changed.

August 2022

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Product Updates

1. Photos in “Task Details.”

  • What this means: Photos shared in chat are now viewable on the “Task Details” screen for each task.
  • Why we did it: So you have easier access to all the information you’ve shared with your client. This will make the “Task Details” screen a one-stop-shop for all required information to scope and complete the task, saving time spent toggling back and forth between the “Details” and “Chat” tabs.

2. New “confirm info” step during
identity verification.

  • What this means: We’re giving new registrants a chance to double-check their personal details (and make edits) before processing their ID and background checks.
  • Why we did it: So you can ensure all your personal data is accurate before submitting,  get your background and identity verified, and get tasking as quickly as possible.

3. Heatmaps by zip code.

  • What this means: In select metros, we’re testing a work area heatmap feature that breaks down tasking opportunity levels by zip code.
  • Why we’re testing it: To create more opportunity for your business by identifying exact areas where client demand is highest.

4. Onboarding update: Skills in demand
and earning potential

  • What this means: In certain metros, we’re testing a new feature that gives prospective Taskers information during registration about earning potential and skill demand.
  • Why we’re testing it: So prospective Taskers can have more information about their tasking potential while deciding if Taskrabbit is the right platform for them.

5. Buffer for travel time
when scheduling.

  • What this means: You can now see, set, and edit travel buffer times for each scheduled task without accidentally booking another task during the same time frame. The app will default to 30 minutes for travel time, but you can set it higher than 30 minutes or as low as 15 minutes.
  • Why we did it: To give you more control over the travel time needed for each task and to help you avoid scheduling conflicts.

6. Scoping questions from clients
booking in the Mounting

  • What this means: For certain Mounting tasks, we’re testing a new space for clients to answer scoping questions when booking. These clients will now be asked:
    • What items do you need mounted?
    • What is the wall made of?
    • Will someone be around to help your Tasker lift the item into place?
    • Do you have a mount, bracket, or anchor for your items?
    • Anything else? (Optional)
  • Why we’re testing it: So you can have more information sooner and reduce the need to scope further with clients in chat. This will save you time and effort!
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug preventing some of you from sending messages to clients.
  • We fixed a bug preventing some of you from selecting appointments at the end of the month.

Tasker Tip

Keep tabs on your schedule! Keeping your schedule free of conflicts is key to keeping your Tasker Analytics high and making sure your clients have a good experience on the platform. Read more about managing your schedule.

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