Vanessa Garcia makes 7k/month on Taskrabbit while pursing her dreams

Vanessa Garcia is an LA-based Tasker who makes around $7,000 a month using the Taskrabbit platform. She works an average of 90 hours per month (for context, a typical 9-to-5 is around 160 hours per month), which gives her time to pursue her passion: acting. 

Before building her own business as a Tasker, she was working as a tutor, nanny, and personal assistant, but wasn’t making enough money to make ends meet. A friend told her about Taskrabbit, and that she could get paid to build IKEA furniture, which was something she enjoyed doing. Once she joined the platform, she learned that she could get booked to do a lot more than just build furniture. At first, Vanessa utilized Taskrabbit for weekend gigs, but in 2019, she made the move to expand her tasking scope and from there, she began growing her business. She now offers 25 skills on the platform, including personal-assistant work, project management, organization, furniture assembly, and event staffing. She loves the flexibility of working the hours she chooses, at the rate she chooses. 

Here are some tips she shares:

  • Get lots of experience under your (tool)belt – Vanessa has completed more than 1,000 tasks on the platform! 
  • Make sure to take pictures of all of your completed tasks and ask clients if they’re happy with the service they received.
  • Try to minimize commute times, which in turn increase your earnings.
  • Keep learning; the more skills you can add to your profile, the more opportunities you’ll get. 
  • Consider investing in an upgraded toolkit if it will make you more competitive. 
  • Great service will turn a client into a repeat client, who will also recommend you to their friends.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask any and every question in order to fulfill a task.

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