The Tasker Help Moving Checklist

Help Moving is one of Taskrabbit’s biggest task categories, and for good reason. Put simply, moving is a tough job—and one that gets harder and harder as people acquire new items or grow their families. 

For Taskers, however, it’s a huge opportunity. When you show up for clients on their busiest day and handle the heavy lifting, you can build a robust business and great reputation. You also have the chance to cement yourself in clients’ memories for future tasks they might want to hire you for.

If you’re new to the Help Moving category and wondering where to start, keep reading! We’ve compiled a checklist of key tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Getting started

  • Include your Help Moving tools in your Skills & Experience pitch. Let clients know what to expect when they hire you, including if you have access to a truck. Don’t forget to mention your tools—these include tarps, straps, hand trucks, or furniture dollies. Need tips on writing the perfect pitch? Click here. 
  • Get FREE advice from experts. Our Tasker blog has great advice sourced from Elite Help Moving Taskers on how to succeed. Read their advice here. 
  • Respond to each invitation you receive. Respond to each task invitation within 1 hour. Failing to respond will forfeit the task, which may negatively impact your position in client search results.

Managing your calendar

  • Add availability to your calendar, and be flexible. Update your availability regularly. You can edit it up to 17 days in advance.
  • Manage your schedule. Be transparent about realistic time expectations. This will help you complete each task without schedule conflicts that could negatively affect your Tasker Analytics. Also, consider adding an additional hour of blocked time for Help Moving tasks, as clients often have more items than they realize. Learn more here. 
  • Turn on your Same Day task feature. Get more tasks, and build your business quickly. Nearly 50% of tasks are booked for the same day or next day. Remember: you have only one hour to respond to Same Day invitations!

Scoping the task

  • Ask the client for details. Using the chat thread, ask about what needs to be moved, about parking limitations, and if a truck or additional Taskers will be required. Save a short questionnaire template on your phone to use while scoping the task in chat. Click here for a list of common questions.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Let your client know well in advance if you need to cancel. They’re often on strict timetables with moving, so last-minute changes can be stressful! Clear communication can also help you maintain high analytics.

Working with additional Taskers

  • Ask the client if they’ll need more than one person. You can recommend they hire another Tasker for the same day and time. If there are other Taskers you’d like to partner with, you can share their direct hire URL with the client.
  • Share your URL with other Taskers. Other Taskers also might want to partner with you! Share your direct hire URL with them. (You can find this in the app under “Profile” ➡ “Promote Yourself.”)
  • Confirm in the chat thread if the client has hired another Tasker. Anyone you bring to a task must be a registered Tasker themselves.

Get advice from your Tasker Success Manager

  • Did you know that Taskrabbit offers a unique, free service to all Taskers? You have a personalized Tasker Success Manager who is dedicated to your success on the platform. If you still have questions after attending our new Tasker workshop, you can book a call to review your profile, update your Skills & Experience pitch, and discuss where Help Moving tasks are in your area!

For Taskers who like to stay active and get new clients fast, the Help Moving category is a no-brainer. Since demand is always high, it’s a reliable way to get well-paying work, earn great reviews, and build your business on Taskrabbit.

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