Tasker Spotlight: Travis C.

This month, we’re celebrating Travis C., a Tasker who found Taskrabbit after hearing about gig work on a TV show. After doing a Google deep dive, he found our platform and has since used it to move to California and build a six-figure business. Can you say impressive?

We got curious how Travis did it, so we decided to ask. Read on to find out more!

How did you first hear about Taskrabbit, and why did you choose to become a Tasker?

I first found out about Taskrabbit from watching the TV show Black-ish, in which the eldest son of the family, Junior, was doing gig work for a company similar to Taskrabbit. I got curious if there was a real company that offered opportunities like this fictional one. A quick Google search later, I found Taskrabbit, signed up, and got started!

What does your tasking career currently look like, and how do you stay motivated?

As a full-time Tasker, I stay interested because the days are never the same. Also, when I feel that I’m approaching burnout, I actually have the opportunity to take the time required to replenish my energy so I can work again. Taskrabbit lets me showcase my work and my skills, and I’m really thankful for it. It also gave me the ability and confidence to start a business—something I wanted to start for years but dreaded doing.

Did you pick any particular strategies in building your business? How did it become so successful?

I built my business on a mission to provide the best quality service I can possibly give. I’ve always been a huge “quality-over-quantity” type of guy—if I can get something of great quality, I’m more likely to appreciate it versus getting something overpriced that has bad relative quality. 

In terms of marketing myself, I personally like the old fashioned “word-of-mouth” method, because it helps me build confidence in my work. Think about it: if someone is willing to put your name out there and send business your way, then you must be doing something right! 

Another way that I market my services is by joining community Facebook groups that allow for small business promotion.

Has Taskrabbit helped you achieve any particular goals?

At the beginning, Taskrabbit was solely a side hustle—it helped me make my “fun money,” and it was just this cool app that I would broadcast to friends so they, too, could make some extra cash. 

Fast forward a couple of months, and I was moving to California (in the middle of 2020 😷). My intent was to task on Taskrabbit until I found my next “real” job. I had no idea that, almost two years later, I would still be doing it full time. I also had no idea that it would give me the freedom I currently have—something I love taking full advantage of. 

I always remember the jobs I had working in high rises with spectacular views, but back then, I only wanted to be outside doing something I enjoyed and had fun with. Now, thanks to Taskrabbit, that’s what I do on a daily basis. If I want to take the day off and go hiking, I can do that without going through a chain of people to get it approved.

What are your most memorable tasking experiences? 

I have two. My first most memorable task was cleaning out an apartment where the client said he’d been feeling down because his parents had passed away. So, being able to help someone out of a funk was rewarding to me. 

Then comes the second most memorable task, which is directly related to the first. I received a request for taking furniture to the dump. As I was walking up to the house, I recognized the complex and direction I was heading. Then—BOOM. We go to the same apartment I just mentioned above. Except this time, I met two people who told me their son just moved out. So, I found out the previous client had lied about his parents passing away, which made meeting them a wild experience for me!

What has been your most meaningful task?

My most meaningful task is a recurring cleaning service for a particular client. I have been cleaning for them for over a year, and they have become an extended family for me here in California, where I don’t have any blood relatives to hang out with.

If you could do a task anywhere, for anyone, who would it be for and why?

I have two answers for this—one fictional and one real. 

Fictional: I would love to be Batman’s handyman. Just imagine all of the cool projects you could get involved with in the bat cave!

IRL: It would be really cool to do any of my services for Will Smith. He’s an all time favorite actor  of mine. I would be satisfied even if I were changing a couple of light bulbs in his mega RV.

What are your hobbies or activities outside of Taskrabbit? What excites you most in life?

First and foremost, I love spending time with my three dogs. Hiking and riding my motorcycle tie for second place!

Clearly, Travis is a stellar Tasker who knows how to handle building his own business. We’re thrilled that our platform has given him a means to do it, and we can’t wait to see where he goes next!

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