The Tasker Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning is one of the most in-demand categories at Taskrabbit, and for good reason. Cleaning takes time and energy, and clients are often so busy with work or family that they keep putting the cleaning off…and off…and off again. 

That’s where you come in. Given how much demand there is for Cleaning and how much time it takes, it’s a fantastic way to earn great money on our platform while also gaining repeat clients. 

If you’re new to this category and are wondering where to start, read on—we’ve developed a checklist of essential tips to help you get started!

1. Starting out

  • Write a clear Skills & Experience experience pitch. Being straightforward about what types of cleaning tasks you do helps clients gauge whether you’re the right Tasker to hire. It helps to explain your level of experience, what you’re particularly good at, and why. Read more tips on writing the ultimate pitch.
  • Don’t forget to include your Cleaning tools and products in your pitch. While tools like a vacuum or a mop can be profitable investments for your business, many clients will also expect you to bring your own preferred cleaning products. Being clear about what supplies you’ll bring to a task will always help streamline the booking process for clients. Learn more about how the app helps you understand expectations. 
  • Respond to each invitation you receive. Elite Taskers always recommend responding to every task invitation, even when you’re not the right Tasker for the job. Making this connection with prospective clients—and sharing your direct hire link for possible future tasks—can help them better navigate the platform and help you grow your business. 

2. Managing your calendar 

  • Add availability to your calendar, and be flexible. Keeping your calendar up to date matters. Clients base their invitations on the time you have available, so it always helps to check (and double check) that your schedule is up to date. Being flexible will also work in your favor, particularly if clients need to adjust their task time for any reason.
  • Make sure you budget enough time. Transparency will always serve you well when scoping time expectations for a task with your client. Make sure to schedule enough time to complete each task, and don’t forget to communicate in chat if the task duration will exceed what you’ve previously agreed on. Learn more about time management.
  • Turn on your Same Day Task feature. This is a great way to get more tasks, build your business, and wow your clients. But remember: you have only 1 hour to respond to Same Day invitations!

3. Scoping the task

  • Send clients a short questionnaire about what they need cleaned. Saving this text on your phone will make it easy for you to copy and paste key questions in the chat thread when scoping a task with your client. See some common questions.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Clients depend on Cleaning tasks for many things, including special events, so last-minute changes can be stressful. If you must reschedule, doing so well in advance is a great way to keep your analytics high. 

4. Build repeat business

  • Give your best clients a discount. Clients can get up to 15% off for weekly recurring tasks.

5. Connect with your Tasker Success Manager 

  • Did you know that Taskrabbit offers a unique, free service to all Taskers? You have a personalized Tasker Success Manager who is dedicated to your success on the platform. If you still have questions after attending our new Tasker workshop, you can book a call to review your profile, update your Skills & Experience pitch, and discuss where Cleaning tasks are in your area!

Our Cleaning category is a fantastic opportunity for new Taskers who are looking to build their business fast, or for experienced Taskers who are itching to try something new. As always, we hope these tips will give you a leg up—and help you excel in your tasking journey.

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