How to Ace Client Communication

Tasker Ace M. knows how to work hard. Apart from being both an actor and a producer in the entertainment industry, he’s managed to build a great side hustle for himself as a Tasker. This has given him the opportunity to lead a bicoastal life in Los Angeles and Atlanta—America’s two biggest film and TV production hubs—and to have peace of mind that he’ll always be one click away from having stable income during gaps in entertainment work. 

During our live May 2022 Tasker All Hands event, Tasker Ace shared some fantastic tips on client communication, from making sure your skills and experience pitches are clear to helping clients better navigate the platform. Check out the video below, or read on for his insights.

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Tip #1: Help new clients navigate the platform.

Given that Taskrabbit exists to help people with virtually any type of task, there are only so many task categories the platform can list. It’s often up to Taskers to be clear in their pitches about what particular areas of a task category they service. In an ideal world, clients would read these pitches before extending task invitations, but the reality is that clients are often very busy. They’re using Taskrabbit to get fast, simple help.

When clients fail to read Tasker pitches, Ace sees it as an opportunity to help. If he gets an invitation from a client for a task his pitches specifically state he isn’t equipped to handle, he doesn’t forfeit the task outright. He always responds and politely explains that all Taskers have individualized pitches per category, with each pitch specifying what they do and don’t do.

Furthermore, he always shares his profile link so clients can hire him directly for future tasks. This often leads to future bookings from those who remember him as the Tasker who took the time to help. 

Tip #2: Don’t shy away from referring other Taskers.

After helping new Taskrabbit clients navigate the platform, Ace often checks his own Taskrabbit client app to browse available nearby Taskers in the category the client needs help in. If there’s one he can vouch for or who has great reviews, he’ll share a screenshot of that profile with the client. 

Not only does this help the new client, but it helps them build trust in our community of Taskers. Ace sees this as a win-win, because clients who have a good experience on the platform will keep coming back. This means more business for all Taskers.  

Tip #3: Help clients navigate category overlap.

When Ace gets task invitations he can accept—which is most of the time—clients still often need help navigating occurrences of task category overlap. 

For example, Ace once had a client send a Yard Work invitation, but, per his pitch, he didn’t have the necessary equipment to complete the task. At the same time, the task involved moving yard waste, something he was able to do with his truck. This was a chance to get creative with his communication. While the second part of the task might have fallen under the Moving category, he was able and willing to communicate with the client, book that portion of the task, and give the client a good experience.

Other times, a Minor Home Repair task might lead a client to ask Ace if he can also mount a bookshelf—a task that typically belongs in the Mounting category. As long as communication and billing terms are clear, Ace remains flexible and always aims to complete the task.

Tip #4: Be a team player.

Ace grew up an athlete. He has always appreciated what it means to be a team player, and he recommends bringing that mentality to Taskrabbit. Whether he’s helping clients scope a task or referring them to other Taskers, his priority is always to be a positive player in the Taskrabbit community. This helps other users of the platform have great experiences. 

Why do Ace’s tips on client communication matter? Because better experiences—whether they’re had by clients or other Taskers—will mean more people using Taskrabbit. This means more help for clients, higher earnings for Taskers, and a healthy, self-sustaining user base. 

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