How Pricing Guidance Works on TaskRabbit

Please note: This post currently applies to US Taskers only.

Over the 14 years since we’ve been in business, TaskRabbit has learned that price, experience, and reliability are the key criteria that clients consider when selecting their Taskers.

While Taskers always have control of their pricing, our app incorporates a pricing guidance feature that shows Taskers the rates at which clients are most likely to hire them.

We’ve gathered some helpful information about pricing guidance and common FAQs so you can read up and get an inside look at the nuts and bolts that run our platform! 

How pricing guidance is calculated 

We offer pricing guidance in the Tasker app so that you can set competitive rates in your market. The guidance you see is based on client market data TaskRabbit collects for your metro, task category, and experience level. 

Those who set competitive market rates make more than those who don’t. As you complete more tasks on the platform your recommended price will increase. This suggested rate will differ from one category to another. We also adjust guidance for same-day versus non-same-day tasks.

With all this said, you still have 100% control of the rates you set. Pricing guidance recommendations are just that—recommended rates that will help you grow your businesses—but you maintain full control over what rates you select and how often you change them.


1. How do the prices I set influence my ranking on Taskrabbit?

The influence your rate has on your search-result ranking varies depending on the experience and prices of other Taskers in your metro and category. In metros where there’s more competition, your rate may be a larger factor than in areas where there is less Tasker competition. Your reviews and availability will continue to be important factors as well.

2. So, does any of this take us away from the independent contractor role and make us TaskRabbit employees?

No. TaskRabbit is not setting any criteria for Taskers to adhere to. Client behavior drives our pricing guidance, and the ranking order is determined by how other Taskers in your metro perform and price themselves. 

3.. Doesn’t TaskRabbit make more money when Taskers make more money? 

TaskRabbit and Tasker success are one and the same. The more Taskers earn, the more successful TaskRabbit is, which means we get to expand the platform and increase the opportunity for all. We have seen incredible growth in the TaskRabbit business recently, and we are constantly focused on ways to further accelerate that growth. 

4 How does the client service fee play into all this?

TaskRabbit charges all clients a service fee on top of your hourly rate. As a Tasker, you always take home 100% of the hourly rate you set, plus all tips. The client service fee supports our design and engineering teams’ work to improve the app experience for clients and Taskers while also allowing our other internal teams to act as your all-in-one “back-office” support. In the event something goes wrong, TaskRabbit can support you. We help by marketing you to new clients, tracking your earnings for tax purposes, providing personalized advice from our Tasker Success associates, informing you about where new job opportunities are in your metro, and providing valuable data on your business’s performance. 

There are many factors we consider when developing our pricing guidance feature. While it’s a great tool for you to use as you grow your business, the beauty of our platform is that you ultimately have control over how you run your business—we’re simply here to help you find your market and give you quick insight into its current conditions! 

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