#TaskerSpotlight: Lina B.

Lina B. is one of those Taskers who started tasking in a specific category for a specific reason — a perfect use of our platform. Five years ago, she began offering her cocktail-mixing skills on TaskRabbit as a side hustle to help fund her way through university. She continues to task as a way to boost her finances, particularly in December, when she always gets new business for private parties and corporate events. Keep reading to hear Lina’s full story.

Bartending and mixology are such cool skills to task with. How did this come about for you?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been behind a bar. My family back in Bulgaria used to own one, so I was always there helping ever since turning thirteen. Seven years ago, I decided to obtain a certificate to become both a bartender and a barista — I was curious to learn more about mixology. When I finally moved to London in 2015, I worked as a bartender/mixologist on Canary Wharf. There, I perfected my skills. A couple of years later, I started using the TaskRabbit platform, and private clients quickly began hiring me for different types of events. The rest is history!

What types of parties do you get booked for throughout the year, and do you see a spike at Christmas?

December is usually the busiest month for me. I would say that I get booked for private parties almost every weekend during the holidays, but I also sometimes get hired on weekdays, when corporate clients throw small office parties. That said, I also do get task invitations for private parties during the warmer months — typically baby showers or child birthdays.

What’s the longer story about why you became a Tasker?

I decided to become a Tasker in 2016, after starting my bachelors degree. I was struggling to survive while on a part-time bartending salary. TaskRabbit got me through the three years of education, allowing me to be flexible with the hours I worked and the rates I charged clients — which, by the way, ended up being way more than what I made as a part-time bartender. Even though there were some lulls in business (i.e. not many clients hiring me), I always made a salary higher than average for a student. I am very, very thankful for that! 

Are there any other Christmas-related details you want to share? Are you Tasking to help bolster your Christmas funds, or do you just love working on festive tasks?

The month of December has always been very special and inspirational to me. Over the past four years, I’ve met incredible clientele through TaskRabbit — not only under the bartending category but also in the few other categories I task in (I help clients with cleaning, packing, and unpacking). On top of this month usually being the one with the highest earnings, the festive mood makes the tasking process easy and fun. In recent months, I’ve had to reduce my work with TaskRabbit, as I started an office job at a property development company. Even so, I still do a few tasks each month to boost my finances and save for holidays.

And that is what we love to hear about: Taskers using our platform to build their lives the way they want to. Lina has taken advantage of TaskRabbit’s flexibility to earn more money on a schedule she chooses. And let’s not forget her flair for holiday cheer. By bringing her warm smile and expert knowledge to her clients each season, she’s made tasking a means to control her time, finances, and future. 

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