Snow Removal 101: Overview

Snow removal is a growing task category on TaskRabbit. With each new season, we have clients who need help clearing their driveways, walkways, and roofs — sometimes multiple times per snowfall, depending on how much comes down.


In this blog series, we’ll give you an overview of the Snow Removal task category and how you can benefit from it, followed by detailed posts about:

  • Plowing
  • Snowblowing
  • Shoveling & Scraping 

Note that opting in to the Snow Removal category requires you to own a shovel and ice-melt salt (at the very least). Also, most clients don’t have snow plows, so if you have a truck that can support one (or are thinking of buying one), it could be a great opportunity to level up your business.

Preparing for Snow Removal tasks

Given that snow can limit travel ability and cause schedule adjustments for everyone, it helps to keep tabs on both the weather and the macro view of your business to make sure you can get Snow Removal tasks done. Here are some general tips: 

Opt in and redraw your map accordingly. If you have the tools, consider opting in to Snow Removal. Then set your schedule, draw a narrow map only for areas you can reach during a blizzard, and get your equipment and salt ready!  

Check your schedule. Note which of your scheduled tasks might be affected by the upcoming snowfall. It’s always best not to cancel a task, but if you need to reschedule, consider opening up that time for Snow Removal tasks.

Add early and late availability. Clients often need Snow Removal help late at night or early in the morning so they can drive to work. Since you may be tasking at unconventional hours, be sure to add availability in the evenings and mornings, and turn on the Same-Day Invitation feature. Some clients even like to adjust timing while scoping the task, so it’s possible to finish multiple tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Consider buying more advanced tools. More sophisticated tools like plows or snowblowers can be a profitable investment since you can complete more jobs faster and earn more money. We’ll dive deeper into these tools in upcoming blog posts.

Be flexible. Check out this tool to track weather and stay up to date. Once the snow hits, start strategizing on where you need to be and how fast you’ll be able to get there.   

Become a client favorite. When a client submits a positive review about you, they can save you as a Favorite Tasker. They can also add Favorite Taskers and use the “chat to book” feature to keep the conversation going for future needs. If you were hired for Snow Removal tasks last winter, reach out to your previous clients to remind them you’re able to help them this year! Learn more here.

When it comes to seasonal tasking in areas where blizzards can strike any second, Snow Removal can truly help you build a lucrative business. Stay tuned, because up next, we’ll dive into more detail on shoveling and scraping!

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