#TaskerSpotlight: James C.

As a father of three and primary caregiver to his elderly aunt, James needed more time, flexibility, and earning potential than his job as a film actor could provide. After hearing about TaskRabbit from a colleague on set, he signed up to be an Assembly Tasker. In the years since, James has managed to keep his lifestyle intact, earn more money, and spend more time with his family. Read on for his full story.

Why did you become a Tasker?

I wanted to be able to apply my skills and knowledge on a more flexible schedule.

Do you have other jobs or activities that you are involved in?

I occasionally work as a supporting artist in film and TV. While I love the work, that doesn’t pay enough for me to support my lifestyle, so that’s one of the main reasons why tasking on the side has been so helpful.

How did you find out about TaskRabbit?

As an actor, I heard about TaskRabbit from other people on set. They were talking specifically about assembly. Since I’d done assembly work in various jobs over the years, I knew I already had all the knowledge and equipment to be a Tasker, so I decided to sign up. That was 4 years ago, and I’ve been tasking ever since. I never bothered looking on any other platforms.

Do you task part-time or full-time?


How did you learn your skills?

I’ve steadily picked up useful skills over time. I learned how to have a creator’s eye from studying art and design; I got some handiwork skills from previous work as a locksmith; and my skills in assembly just came from building stuff for myself at home. YouTube tutorials are also surprisingly helpful.

What were your biggest learnings as you got started on the app?

Managing my calendar and work area map was a big learning. Once I figured that out I was able to take on tasks that were closeby on the days I was free.

Can you share how you’ve built your career/business on TaskRabbit?

My primary focus is always making sure my clients are happy. When Clients are happy, they either rebook me or refer me to their friends (or if they’re really happy, they do both). Being positive, solving problems, and delivering on Client needs has enabled me to be successful as a full time Tasker on TaskRabbit.

Can you describe ways in which TaskRabbit has impacted your life?

I look after 3 children and an elderly family member at home. I have another child on the way. For me, having the flexibility to work when I want has been amazing. I set monthly goals and manage my time accordingly. This year I’ve been lucky enough to work consistently while also spending a huge amount of time with my family. That’s something I wouldn’t have been able to say with a standard job.

Have you had any memorable tasks or Clients that you’d like to share?

Yes, there have been a few! One of my Clients gave me some hand-me-down baby items when my wife and I were expecting our second daughter. I have another who messages from time to time just to see how I’m doing. In terms of tasks, there have been several that I’ve done for Clients who were handicapped in some way. Being able to help them out was extremely gratifying.

Do you have a specialty that Clients hire you for?

Mostly Furniture Assembly and Mounting.

What makes you successful as a Tasker?

I’m cheerful, full of solutions, and if there’s something I can’t do I’m usually able to at least point Clients in the right direction. I come prepared with many different tools that I own myself, which enables me to do any type of task. And lastly, I’m happy to work on short notice.

Do you have any suggestions for Clients who are looking to book a Tasker for the first time?

Read other Clients’ written reviews as well as your Tasker’s profile. A higher hourly rate isn’t always bad. That Tasker who charges a higher price may be more experienced and efficient. If you take the time to find the right Tasker for you, you’ll end up with a more satisfying experience.

What are your personal interests or hobbies outside of tasking?

Films, making things, and spending time with my family

James first turned to TaskRabbit for the extra cash and time flexibility he’d get from tasking. Thanks to his hard work and diligence, he got what he was looking for. But on top of that, James–now an Elite Tasker in London, UK–gets to build things and help others, an added benefit that he specifically mentions in his Tasker profile. We learned from James that his family is happy with the extra time they all get to spend together, and based on his Tasker reviews, it’s clear that his Clients are too!

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