#TaskerSpotlight: Ariel B.

Meet Ariel B., a Toronto-based Tasker who gained expertise as a subcontractor assembling IKEA products for Clients for 10+ years. He loved the work he was doing, but as is common in retail, he would only see his schedule the night before each work day. Becoming a Tasker changed that: now he does the work he loves while also managing his own work schedule, leaving him free to take his daughter to and from school.

Why did you become a Tasker?

I used to work as a subcontractor assembling IKEA products both at-home and in-store. I did that for 10 years before IKEA announced its partnership with TaskRabbit. I wanted to continue doing IKEA assembly but with greater flexibility, so I started tasking.

How did you find out about TaskRabbit? 

Back in 2018, TaskRabbit expanded to Toronto and took over the contract I was working on. It seemed like an interesting concept and that I’d finally have the chance to work my own schedule. Up until that point, I would receive my work schedule the night before.

Do you task part-time or full-time?


How did you learn your skills?

I learned almost everything I know on the job. I’ve had the chance to work with some very experienced and helpful contractors who’ve trained me on skills that are invaluable to me as a Tasker.

What were your biggest learnings as you got started on the app?

The most helpful things I’ve learned are how to promote myself, and to adjust my prices according to the market in my area. I’m still picking up new tips and tricks every day!

Can you share how you’ve built your career/business on TaskRabbit? 

For me it all comes down to providing top-notch service for my Clients. I listen to their needs, make sure they’re well informed about the status of a task, and I always clean up after myself. I try to leave the best impression I can, and this has led many Clients to recommend me to others.

Can you describe ways in which TaskRabbit has impacted your life?

Because I manage my own schedule, I can block off time that I can devote solely to my family. Whether that means taking my daughter to school or my mother-in-law to her doctor appointments, I don’t have to worry about requesting time off. It puts me in control of my time.

Do you have a specialty that Clients hire you for?

I specialize in assembling IKEA furniture (specifically PAX wardrobes) and hanging artwork.

What makes you successful as a Tasker?

I believe my commitment to customer service is what makes me successful. I always make sure that my Clients’ needs are fulfilled beyond their expectations.

Do you have any suggestions for Clients who are looking to book a Tasker for the first time?

Look at your Tasker’s skill set and experience as opposed to just the price that they charge. Sometimes a Tasker charges twice the hourly rate as another Tasker, but will get the job done in less than half the time. 

What are your personal interests or hobbies outside of tasking?

I enjoy making music (even though as a parent, time doesn’t really allow it).

Ariel’s motto on his Tasker profile is: “If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for my Clients”. Through this Client-first philosophy, he’s built a stellar reputation as a trusted (and highly rated) Tasker on TaskRabbit.

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