#TaskerSpotlight: Den B.

Meet Den B., a Tasker who does Moving, Junk Removal, and Delivery tasks for Clients throughout the New York City metro area. Not only does tasking provide Den with an additional source of income, it gives her a level of freedom and flexibility that so many Taskers have told us has changed their lives. Since joining TaskRabbit, Den has been able to grow her business and save up enough to buy a new home for her family.

Why did you become a Tasker?

I became a Tasker to supplement my income as a single mom.

How did you find out about TaskRabbit? 

I discovered TaskRabbit through Google. I regularly search for unique opportunities that give me the freedom to work on my own terms.

Do you task part-time or full-time?


Do you have other jobs, activities, or hobbies that you are involved in?

I’m a home organizer and realtor, and I sometimes do administrative work as well. In my spare time I love to write and play volleyball.

How did you learn your skills?

Mainly through experience. I attended school for social work but I found most joy in administrative work, personal assistance, and home organizing. Since becoming a Tasker, my interests have broadened and now I really enjoy doing Help Moving, Delivery, and Junk Removal tasks.

Do you have a memorable task experience or a project that you’re especially proud of? Or have you made any meaningful connections with Clients or fellow Taskers that you’d like to share?

My most memorable task experience was the day I hired my first Tasker in June of 2018. He provided such a wonderful experience and was so positive despite all the Brooklyn, brownstone stairs that he had to climb! I felt nothing but well catered to. He left such a positive impression on me that I decided to explore the platform more thoroughly on my own, which ended up with me becoming a Tasker myself. He and I also developed a relationship, eventually getting married. It all happened thanks to TaskRabbit!

Can you share how you’ve built your career/business on TaskRabbit?

Clients love my positive attitude and they especially love that as a female I can do any task, regardless of whether or not it’s considered “masculine”.

Can you describe ways in which TaskRabbit has impacted your life?

The Clients I’ve met through TaskRabbit have been so pleasant to work with and often show their appreciation by tipping, which encourages and motivates me. The income I’ve saved from tasking has helped me save enough to buy a new home! Outside of work, I’ve become close friends with other Taskers.

What life/work lessons have you learned or gained through your work as a Tasker?

Although I take pride in self-sufficiency and independence, working with Clients has proven to me just how much we need each other. Clients need me to help make their lives easier and I need them to be able to do what I love! 

Does TaskRabbit enable you to find better financial opportunities vs. the “traditional” workforce?

Absolutely! With TaskRabbit, there is no corporate middleman. My Clients get the convenience they need and they love it! They can simply connect with me as the service provider without any hassle, and they are happy to pay for that convenience.

Do you have a specialty that Clients hire you for?

I sure do. I tell my Clients if it can fit in my van, I will pick up/deliver, move, or remove junk throughout New York City and Long Island. That’s a big work area but I’m committed to it. 

What makes you successful as a Tasker?

My professionalism and consideration for others. I treat others as I would want to be treated, and I always stay in communication with my Clients.

Do you have any suggestions for Clients who are looking to book a Tasker for the first time?

Read reviews and let your instincts guide you. Communicating any changes is simply respectful to the person doing their best to accomodate you. Take a moment to leave a review.

What advice would you give to other Taskers based on your experiences as a female Tasker?
I advise other female Taskers to never limit yourself. I first started by only offering my home organizing services. Today I own and operate a business that provides Pick-Up/Delivery, Moving Help, Junk Removal services!

In a few years as a Tasker, Den has been able to grow in various aspects of her life, including financially, professionally, and personally. She even met her husband, a fellow Tasker, through the platform. We’re sure Den will be busy throughout moving season!

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