Meet 3 of TaskRabbit’s (Many) Handy Women

There is a strong community of female Taskers who are doing all types of nontraditonal work on the TaskRabbit platform, and we celebrate the incredible variety of background, talent, and purpose that they represent for all Taskers. 💚 Meet Naomi, LaToya, and Susan–three of TaskRabbit’s many female Taskers who are shattering ceilings (and repairing them too!).

Naomi D.

Plenty of Clients have been shocked when I’ve showed up with the toolbox and ladder, and some have asked, “Don’t you have someone here to help you?” By the time I’m done with the task, usually there’s a big grin on my face and on theirs too. Girl power!

After getting divorced, I’ve landed on my feet. I’m not a 9-to-5 kinda girl but I can do anything I need to survive and take care of my kids without depending on anyone else. I have three young boys who need lots of my time, so I’m able to work around their schedule and still pay rent. I am currently taking a test to become a general B contractor, which is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve also launched my own interior design business. Women need to be empowered and TaskRabbit did exactly that for my family. As Taskers, we get to do what we are good at and love–the reward is far more than just monetary. I’ve shown my boys how it can be done and they respect that so much. Tasking has given me the confidence to set boundaries, and feel strong.

My superpower is figuring things out on my own. If you encounter something you don’t know how to do (yet), check YouTube or ask someone you know who can help. The best advice I can give you is to believe in yourself and try things you’ve never tried before. 

LaToya C.

I got the handy bug from my mother; as a single parent she had to know how to do a lot of things around the house. She made sure to teach me how to use tools so that I’d always know how to do the job for myself if the need arose. I took what she taught me and just expanded on it over the years, getting better at and more comfortable with working with my hands.

My advice for other women looking to boost their handy skills is: measure twice and cut once! Yes, it takes a little extra time. But when I finally do drill, I know that the holes I make will be the only needed to complete the task.

This is also important: you don’t need a full tool bag to start! Start with the basics–a few screwdrivers, a stud finder, level, hammer, rubber mallet, and a measuring tape. Over time you’ll get a feel for which tools you use on a regular basis, rather than going out and purchasing a lot of random tools that may not be necessary.

Susan H.

I first learned my handy skills by helping my grandfather on projects when I was a little girl. I’ve always been someone who likes to make things–from fine art to clothing to crafts. For 10 years I worked in the event and outdoor festival decoration business. That experience really helped me learn how to solve unusual problems on large-scale constructions while working in the elements and under pressure.

If you’re looking to upskill in handy tasks, always read ALL the directions. A lot of handy work is about being able to correctly decipher directions and diagrams. I also suggest that you DIY to learn: mount your own TV, hang up your own art, help a friend assemble their furniture. I have DIY’d many of my own home projects and assembled all of my own furniture. It’s allowed me a space in which I could make mistakes and discover what works and what doesn’t. Hands-on experience is great at building confidence.

If you are handy and have additional advice that can empower female Taskers or your own story that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below!

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