#TaskerSpotlight: Cassandra M.

Cassandra M.’s profile is a great example of how to take advantage of the business photos feature to showcase your equipment and work. Her Cleaning category description shines with before-and-after photos, which Cassandra said is one tactic that has helped her grow her business. 

Read on for how providing contactless Delivery during the pandemic has been Cassandra’s “greatest contribution” to her community during this challenging time. 

Why did you become a Tasker?

To earn extra money. 

How did you find out about TaskRabbit? 

I heard about TaskRabbit from a former Tasker. That was in 2015–I had never heard of a platform similar to TaskRabbit until TaskRabbit!

Do you task part-time or full-time?

Full time.

How did you learn your skills?

Growing up, I would clean my house. I’ve also watched the learning videos on the Tasker app and on YouTube.

What were your biggest learnings as you got started on the app?

I learned about marketing myself and my services as a product that Clients need. 

Can you share how you’ve built your career/business on TaskRabbit? 

I take before and after pics, show up on time, and am always friendly and ready, willing and able to complete the task. I’ve also invested in tools and products to help me achieve a more thorough clean without wearing my body down, i.e. shoulder strap vacuum, electric spin brush and larger quantities of regularly used items.

Can you describe ways in which TaskRabbit has impacted your life? 

With TaskRabbit literally anything I set my mind to achieve financially, I can consider it done once my availability is open. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel like overtime or like it takes time from my family. I get the flexibility to truly work hard, and play even harder!

Have you made any meaningful connections with Clients or fellow Taskers that you’d like to share?

I continuously meet Clients and go places in New York City I wouldn’t have otherwise come across had it not been for the platform.

Do you have a specialty that Clients hire you for?

Cleaning and Delivery.

What makes you successful as a Tasker?

I communicate often, make myself available to work into crazy schedules, and I’m super personable!

Can you describe any tasking experience through which you were able to support members of your community during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Contactless delivery has by far been my greatest contribution during this time. Now more than ever, people need to get things from point A to point B. There’s a lot of fear or limitations slowing down movement between businesses and people, and I have become the link between the two. I have felt SUPER essential.

Do you have any suggestions for Clients who are looking to book a Tasker for the first time?

Keep an open mind and schedule.

What are your personal interests or hobbies outside of tasking?

Family, music and self!

We were glad to hear how tasking during the COVID-19 pandemic has been empowering to Cassandra. In turn, Clients have praised Cassandra’s quick and efficient communication skills, which can be considered essential components of essential tasks. Shoutout to Cassandra and the entire Tasker community for pivoting your business to provide essential and meaningful services to your Clients during the pandemic!

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