Fundamentals: Furniture Assembly

There are so many people–potential Clients!–to whom furniture assembly doesn’t come naturally. This means that there’s consistent demand for furniture and IKEA assembly services on the platform. So if you think of IKEA and Furniture Assembly like a puzzle or game, you can expect to have reliable business in this category–while enjoying what you do!

Some of the Ways That Taskers Learned Furniture Assembly Skills

  • Lifelong interest in tinkering
  • Carpentry school
  • Self-taught through trial and error at home
  • Apprenticing
  • Working for IKEA 
  • YouTube University
  • Fellow Taskers during IKEA Assembly team tasks
  • Background in building trades 
  • And on, and on…

Sample Profile Descriptions for Furniture Assembly Skills & Experience 

The art of IKEA origami – it’s a skill. It’s my thrill. If I had a table saw and a drill, I’d build it from scratch! I come with a tool kit, and the right amount of supplies, to fix most of life’s problems. For everything else, there’s a hardware store.

Eric M.

I have assembled over 100 pieces of furniture both in-home and in offices, and I will be sure to complete your task in a timely and thorough manner. Thank you!

Matt R.

I have assembled countless IKEA pieces over the years and find satisfaction both in the process and a job well-done. I’m fluent in IKEA, so let me spare you the headache of the manual and get your furniture assembled in no time! 

Sophia A.

Suggested Furniture Assembly Tools

Our article, “The Tools That Taskers Use the Most”, shares tools per category that Taskers rely on to get the task done. For IKEA and Furniture Assembly tasks, toolkits usually contain:

  • Screwdriver (flathead, Phillips, pozidriv)
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Knee pads
  • Allen key
  • Knife or boxcutter
  • Pliers
  • Pen or pencil

The more experience you gain, the more customized your toolkit becomes!

Consider These Scoping Questions for Furniture Assembly Tasks

  • What are the pieces of furniture that you need assembled?
  • Where is the furniture item from? Can you send me the link so I know what to expect?
  • Do you have the model name for each piece that I’ll be assembling, so I can look up the assembly instructions in advance?
  • Can you specify if any furniture will need to be mounted?
  • Have all the items been delivered or are you missing anything? Is your delivery delayed or canceled? 
  • Have you placed the packages in the room where you need the item assembled, or will you need help moving the delivery boxes to the space where I’ll be assembling?
  • Is there adequate space to assemble the furniture or will you need assistance making space?
  • For tall items: Will the item need to be assembled standing up?
  • For non-IKEA items: Do you have any modifications needed outside the instructions?
  • For PAX/closet installs: Do you need baseboards removed?
  • If scope of task seems large: Have you hired another Tasker to help? (If you’d like to suggest a Tasker to your Client, you can go ahead and send their profile URL!) 

Situations You May Need to Troubleshoot During the Task

Having enough space to assemble

If you expect the task to take longer than the Client estimated because you have to move boxes or parts around, let your Client know in person, or over chat if they’re not present. Being transparent up front helps manage your Client’s expectations.

Missing parts 

Let your Client know the situation. If you are able to make a hardware store run, many Clients appreciate when Taskers can get the entire job done even if it takes more time or costs them more. Just make sure you get their approval before doing so. As you do more of these tasks, you’ll start building out your “spare parts” kit which is a trick of many IKEA Assembly Taskers! IKEA stores also offer spare parts. 

Broken products

If your Client’s items arrived broken, suggest that they contact IKEA or the retailer directly to request a replacement. If there are any items that can be completed, you can finish those, invoice for your time, and mark the task ongoing. Once the Client has the replacements, you can come back to finish the rest. If no part of the task can be completed, you can help your Client reschedule or you can cancel the task. This situation wouldn’t impact your metrics (and may qualify for a cancellation fee, if all other criteria are met).

Additional parts

Drawers, doors, etc. take additional time to build and Clients may not be aware of how time-intensive the assembly can be. If these items were not scoped, take inventory of all the parts. Again, being up front with your Client about the situation will help them understand how long the assembly may take. 

See our article on “5 Tips for IKEA Furniture Assembly Tasks” for more information. 

Here’s What Taskers Have to Say About IKEA & Furniture Assembly Tasks

🤝 [Soon after I joined the platform] I had the opportunity to work with a co-Tasker I’d never met before. I was glad to see other Taskers with handy skills and thankfully this task allowed me to get a glimpse of how TaskRabbit would work.

Ariel B.

🔩 Clients mostly hire me for IKEA Assembly. They love building these nice and unique closets. So I’ve gotten pretty good at building indoor closets.

Joshua D.

🎁 I became a Tasker because I loved building IKEA furniture. It was cathartic for me, but I had no idea how much more it would end up being.

Christina P.

A lot of Taskers have found out about tasking through IKEA (as have many Clients!). It’s a great way to grow your business on the platform, but even more special? Taskers who assemble furniture tend to agree that they truly enjoy the process. Ah: that sweet feeling of loving what you do for work! 

5 Thoughts

  1. I use a small sectioned tray or box to sort all the hardware into. What I use is box with lid out of a tackle box. Taking the time to sort out the hardware when you open the bag saves time digging for the piece you need for every step. Organization is a lifesaver with Ikea.
    Also be gentle if you force it you break it.
    When there are extra hardware as there often is I ask if I can keep them in my tool box. Rarely is there not enough hardware but I now have some extras. Just in case.

  2. I love your sectional tray idea for sorting parts. I sort but usually just lay them out close at hand.

  3. When possible, do a little research on the piece you intend to assemble beforehand, especially if it’s a large piece, to ensure you’re prepared for the task at hand. Chat with the client and ask about the product and you’re bound to impress when you confidently nail it!

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