4 Tasks That Help Clients Achieve a Fresh Start

The phrase “out with the old and in with the new” has perhaps never been more relevant than now. This new year, especially, represents an opportunity to start fresh for everyone–including you and your Clients. 

Some common tasks that Clients will often book in January include: Home Organization, Junk Removal, Moving Services and Garage Cleaning. Since many people will be eager to purge remnants of 2020, we’re sharing ways to get your business ready.

Home Organization

For most people, organizing and decluttering is a daunting task. Don’t be surprised if your Clients don’t even know where to start! Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Plan it out. When scoping the task, set a specific goal with your Client. Which area(s) are you going to focus on, i.e. one closet, all closet, one room, etc.? How much time will you devote to each? Once you agree on the plan, stick to it! 
  • Create a decluttering checklist. It helps to get rid of mess if you know what to look for. Just Google “declutter checklist” and you’ll see a bunch that you can use.
  • Be ready to haul away unwanted items. “Organization” usually refers to the process of organizing what’s needed, and removing what’s not. Your Client may want to review the piles with you. 

Junk Removal

For many Clients, the turn of a new year means livening up their living space with new furniture. What happens to the old stuff? It becomes junk! You may be asked to remove old furniture, break down boxes, or declutter a living space or garage. Here are other tips:

  • Scope the job. When you discuss what your Client needs removed, make a plan for if you will need help removing junk (i.e. carrying an old couch or mattress out of a walkup).
  • Make a plan for dumping junk. Consult with your Client if their garbage services include a semi-annual junk pickup, if you will be expected to haul junk to the dump, and other expectations for removal.

Moving Services

Some Clients might be looking to rearrange furniture within their home. Others will be moving from one home to another. These tips will come in handy in all of those situations:

  • Use a furniture dolly or slider. These help make moving heavy furniture items way easier than lifting them.
  • Bring moving and lifting straps. Also known as shoulder dollies, these take weight off your back and leave your hands free to maneuver other items around, if needed.
  • Lift with your legs. Bend at your knees and keep your upper body straight–your back will thank you! Also remember to keep any furniture pieces you’re lifting as close to you as possible.

Garage Cleaning

Many people are afraid to even open their garage door for fear of the avalanche of junk that awaits on the other side. Here’s how to tackle this one:

  • Empty. More often than not, garage spaces are filled to a point where simply navigating within them becomes a challenge. Removing items one by one and placing them out on the driveway or lawn is the first step. From here, it’s easier to segment what’s been taken out into three categories: keep, toss, or recycle/donate. (Determine with your Client if you will do this with your if they will take the lead.)
  • Clean. Now that the space is empty, you can do a full sweep of the place. If the walls and floors can handle it, a hose down may be useful as well.
  • Organize. You may need to flex your organizational creativity with how you manage the new space. Let your Client decide what goes back into the garage and if possible, try to help them figure out what goes where.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning out a garage:

  • Hang things. Golf bags, tennis racquets, and bikes are best left on hanging racks. Balls and sports equipment can go in mesh bags, if available.
  • Store “up”. Garages are usually tight, so it’s best to use every ounce of space available–that means vertically, too. 
  • Give everything a home. If possible, work with your Client to properly label storage bins and boxes.

The best way to prepare for all of these tasks is to update your profiles with relevant categories and skills. For example, mention that you remove junk in your Help Moving description, and if you are in the Organization category, mention if you are a garage clean out guru or if you can mount shelving, hooks, etc.! Feel free to share your experience with these types of tasks in the comments section below. 

Information provided by The Burrow is for general and informational purposes only and we make no guarantee regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content. 

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