#TaskerTuesday–Florian B.

Florian B.’s “About Me” section of his profile says: “J’ai failli apprendre le Suédois juste pour IKEA !”  (I almost learned Swedish just for IKEA!) His passion for IKEA Assembly is clear, through the photos he includes in his profile of completed assemblies, the volume of tasks he takes on, and his stellar reviews.

Read on for how this Paris-based musician manages his schedule to balance earning an income and doing what he loves.

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was a bike courier delivering food.

What is the primary reason why you joined TaskRabbit?

I wanted to have more independence and manage my schedule more easily to do what I really like.

What were your biggest learnings as you got started on the app?

I learned to be really responsible and trust my Clients.

How do you market yourself to Clients?

I present myself as someone very professional, meticulous, perfectionistic, and attentive to my Clients’ needs.

What is your best tasking memory, or the most meaningful connection you’ve made through tasking?

I have several in mind, but I particularly enjoyed a task that I had at a corporate office. The place was nice and the employees were very friendly. They offered me food and insisted that I take my lunch break in their kitchen.

What are some of your go-to tasking tips and tricks? 

Above all, always try to be professional and make sure you bring the right supplies and equipment. It’s always a good idea to bring a spare battery for your power tools and opt for a ratchet screwdriver. And don’t forget your health: always wear knee pads!

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

I have gained self-confidence and learned to deal with unexpected situations with professionalism. Sometimes, a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled may be damaged;  you have to reassure your Client and do your best to help them get a replacement.

What’s your best advice for other Taskers?

Always be professional, courteous, punctual and respect your Clients.

What makes a good Client?

A good Client is someone pleasant who trusts you and listens to you. And of course, a good Client is loyal and will book you for other tasks!

What do you do to score great reviews (and tips)?

There is no secret. If you are professional and do your job well, then your Client will give you a good review.

What are some seasonal/holiday/local traditions that you celebrate/enjoy?

I’m a musician so I play every year at the « Fête de la musique », a celebration held every June 21st in France. It celebrates music by encouraging everyone to get out there and take part by performing or just enjoying the music. There are loads of concerts everywhere, from the tiniest villages to the biggest cities. It is a moment of sharing and joy. Music is my passion, so it’s important for me to transmit and receive emotions through it.

If you promote yourself and your work through social media, what is your social media handle?

I use my stage name which is Tabayo Bro.

There are so many ways to apply your skills and find your passion on the TaskRabbit platform. Aside from all the furniture he’s built, we’re so glad Florian has also built up his self-confidence and tackle unforeseen situations–skills that apply to work and to life!

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