#TaskerTuesday–Milen M.

Fun fact: in the UK and throughout Europe, closets are less common than they are in the US and Canada. So UK-based Milen M., who tasks exclusively in the IKEA Assembly category, has assembled many, many PAX wardrobes!

Read on for the special way that tasking has impacted his life. 

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was a warehouse worker.

What is the primary reason you joined TaskRabbit?

I was attracted to tasking as a way to gain freedom over my own schedule.

How do you market yourself to Clients?

I task in the IKEA Assembly category only, on a full-time basis. With my profile listing that one category, it shows Clients that I’m highly skilled at that type of work. 

What is your best tasking memory, or the most meaningful connection you’ve made through tasking?

I can honestly say that I remember all of my tasks and Clients. Once I arrive at a task location, I am in the mode of giving it my best. At the end of the day, making Clients happy is why I am a Tasker in the first place.

What are some of your go-to tasking tips and tricks? 

Always bring your smile with you, and do not rush. 

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

I was able to stop working full-time for someone else and start working full-time for myself. The freedom to work my own hours has given me more time to spend more time with my family. As a father of a toddler, that made a great impact on my life. 

What’s your best advice for other Taskers? 

Put a pinch of love to everything you do, and at the end everything will be alright.

What makes a good Client?

Clients who are prompt in responding in the chat thread, and who leave me in peace to focus on the task.

What do you do to score great reviews (and tips)?

Perfection is what I aim for. Any time, any Client.

What are some seasonal/holiday/local traditions that you celebrate/enjoy?

I like Diwali. Last year, a Client gave me a box of sweets to bring home. It was a lovely surprise for my family.

Milen’s high quality work, punctuality, detail orientation, and customer satisfaction shine through his reviews. As one Client put it, “If only I could, I would give him 10 stars!” ⭐️

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