Alternatives to Public Transport for UK Taskers

If you are looking to avoid public transit as a health and safety measure, here are some popular options that enable you to continue getting around without dealing with crowds. There may be certain disinfecting measures put in place by vehicle rental companies but consider your own routine sanitization practices as well.

On bike 

If you have a bike, now is the time to take advantage of the government’s fix your bike scheme which gives you access to a £50 voucher toward the cost of getting it back on the road. If you don’t own a bike, investing in one is eco-friendly, good for your health, and often a faster alternative to public transport.

Otherwise, you can always turn to the self-service bicycle services offered by several companies, such as: 

On an electric scooter

Since the government legalised the use of electric scooters since 4 July 2020, electric scooter providers are have started trials in the UK.

You can choose to rent them via:

In a car 

Car sharing allows you to hire cars by the hour, and has become very popular especially within city centres. There are many companies across the country that offer car sharing services. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork involved when using traditional car hiring companies.

Some companies to consider for car sharing include:

We hope this list provides some handy alternatives to public transport, and will help you get to and from your tasks with ease.

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