3 Ways To Maximize Your Profile To Get More Tasks

Your profile is the first impression a Client will have of you when they book you for a task. To make sure it’s a good one, here are 3 ways you can take advantage of profile features that let you showcase your skills, tools, and personality! Clients will start seeing these new fields on your profile in the coming weeks, but you can start updating your profile now!

1. Share Key Facts to Make Task Scoping Easier

Customizing your profile will help you show Clients why you’re the right Tasker for their task!Here are ways to strengthen your profile and share key facts with Clients:

Show tools and vehicles. Have a truck, power drill, or eco-friendly cleaning products? Add them to your profile so Clients know that you’ll be prepared for the task. 

If a Client books you but you don’t have a vehicle or tool that would help you complete the task, you can discuss options with your Client in the chat thread. For instance, you can arrange to rent a vehicle, or specialized tools, and agree on adding the expense to your invoice for reimbursement. Or you can ask your Client if they have eco-friendly cleaning products that you can use during the task.

Set expectations with Quick Facts. Let Clients know if you have a two-hour minimum, have pet allergies, or speak multiple languages. You can think about knowledge of other languages as a skill that you possess!

2. Showcase and Describe Your Business Photos

For categories like Minor Home Repairs, Painting, Yard Work, and many others, it’s very compelling to Clients when Taskers share photos of their best work. It’s easy to upload photos on the app!

  • Before/after photos are one way to show the transformation you can make.
  • A gallery of work samples will help Clients recognize your attention to quality and detail.
  • Showing a range of projects can tell the story of your many skills.

You can also add captions to briefly describe the project, and approximately how much the project cost to complete so that Clients have a sense of how to budget and scope the task with you.

3. Tell Your Authentic “About Me” Story

Another way you can build Client trust and make a strong first impression before you even meet in person is to share your story. You can share information that “humanizes” you, such as how you learned your key skills, whether you have kids, why you became a Tasker, and other details that Clients can feel help them get to know you before you come to their home.

Making these upgrades to your profile will make it more eye-catching to Clients, and an easy way to communicate an overview of your skills, experience, and personality–before you even meet! More profile customization means more ways to stand out, set expectations, and get hired again and again.

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