What You Need to Know About Business Metrics

Business metrics are essential to managing your business on TaskRabbit, but experienced Taskers agree that metrics can be a learning curve. Why are metrics important to the success of your business? Your metrics reflect the overall experience of hiring you for a task. Taskers with high metrics catch a Client’s eye in search results as indicators that you are dependable, accountable, and do quality work. 

We want to set you up for success! Here is an overview of metrics–click into the more detailed articles on each metric for additional useful information. 

Response Rate

Your Response Rate is measured by how many times you respond to task invitations within the response time window (one hour for Same Day tasks and 9pm for future tasks). Responding quickly to a task invitation is an indicator of great customer service, and can go a long way toward starting off a relationship with your Client on the right foot. 

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Acceptance Rate

This is measured by how many invitations you accept–in other words, when you actually schedule the task. If you don’t accept a task invitation, it forces the Client to start their Tasker search all over again. Since you only receive task invitations in the categories you have selected–according to your schedule availability, your map, and the skills you’ve shared in your Skills & Experience Pitch–you should be able to accept most tasks that come your way. 

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Reliability Rate 

This is measured by how many tasks you’ve completed (and invoiced) of the invitations you accepted. Remember that when you accept a task, your Client relies on you to complete it. If you or your Client have a schedule conflict, use the Chat thread to find another time that works for both of you to avoid cancelling the task. You can avoid scheduling conflicts by syncing your personal and Tasker calendars in the profile settings section of your app. 

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Canceled or forfeited tasks will not impact your metrics until our team reviews the task. A member of our team will review your task within 24 hours to determine if the cancellation is accurate and if you’re eligible to receive a cancellation fee. You can see the status of every task under review (check task details). You will be notified in-app once your review is complete. As always, you can contact Support with any issues.

Ratings and Reviews

At the end of every task, Clients rate and review their experience working with you. This is an indicator to potential Clients of what it’s like to correspond and interact with you, the quality of your work, and if they would hire you again. Always try to provide the best experience possible to make your ratings shine–shoot for the stars! 🌟

Your business metrics are calculated based on tasks in the last 30 days, and updated on a rolling basis. That means that in most cases, if you make a mistake, you can correct it by not repeating it again! However, reviews are permanent. 

Revisit this article anytime you need a reminder of why they’re important, and how you can set yourself back on track if your metrics take a dip. 

12 Thoughts

  1. Just for one unhappy customer you lower my reliabity metric not counting all of my happy customers. This is my only job I have right now and lowering all the way to 66 I have zero chance to get new tasks.

    1. Hi Idalia, thanks for reaching out about your metrics. We’d be happy to look into this. Mind reaching out to our Support Team via help.tr.co so we can help out? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. When *clients* cancel, it *should* not impact taskers’ metrics.
    Please check the chat boxes when reviewing.

  3. A client hired me on a future date expecting same day service and MY metrics were still effected when they canceled. This makes no sense

    1. Chris – Please reach out to our Support Team at help.tr.co so we check out these metrics for you. Thank you for letting us know!

  4. My metrics were negatively impacted by someone who wanted to hire me because I didn’t reply – because I was asleep. I learned my lesson and no longer attempt same day business.

  5. I have accepted and done every job and you lower my metrics. I never passed one job. I’ve even made free trips and been canceled . Why

    1. We know how important metrics are to your business and want to look into this! Please reach out to our Support Team at help.tr.co so we check out these metrics.

  6. I can’t accept that the last job will affect my matrix’s because I was not available on Saturday (same day). And the person wanted that I have make shopping in the same day.

  7. How are you guys making me on the job that happened in November of last year not understanding

    1. Michelle, we’re sorry that happened. We can look into this–please contact Support at help.tr.co so we can discuss with you further.

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