Task Among Actual Rabbits in These Great Outdoors Categories

To get you started with tasking in the great outdoors, read on for how Taskers in these categories market their skills in their Skills & Experience pitches. 

Carpentry & Construction

I have owned and maintained several rental properties for the past 15 years, so I can do basic carpentry and construction. I can bring framing/finish guns, circular saw, jig saw, miter saw and table saw in my truck. Let’s build! – Wayne D., San Diego

Car Washing

I would be happy to show your car the appropriate amount of TLC. Whether you want a quick touch up to get the french fries out of the backseat or you want a full wash, clay bar, hand wax, I’d be happy to help. – Nick H., Washington, DC

Event Staffing

I’m intimately familiar with events in all capacities including ticketing, bar-tending, attendee experience, and clean-up. If you need someone who will help you take the experience of your event to the next level, I’m here for you. – Joe D., Kansas City


As a homeowner, who apprenticed with a perfectionist father, I know that thorough wall prep is key to a quality paint job. I also have a knack for selecting and hanging wall-paper, selecting paint colors, and applying wall stencils. Can provide pics! – Christine J., Washington, DC

Power Washing

I own a durable and reliable power washer and willing to put it to good use on your project. Items I’ve cleaned up include decks, pergolas, driveways, siding, porch/paving, furniture, etc. – Dan F., San Francisco Bay Area

Waiting in Line

My patience is unmatched! I have years of experience performing tedious, repetitive tasks while standing at a lab bench for biology research. Waiting in line for you will be a relaxing piece of cake. – Nicole S., Sacramento

Window Cleaning

I will clean your windows. I have an extension ladder and cleaning supplies to clean hard to reach areas. I am fast, efficient and friendly! – Joe A., New York City

Yard Work

I grew up landscaping & doing yardwork. Shoveling bark, planting flowers, removing weeds, plotting gardens – all are very familiar. I worked on a 2 acre of land performing all landscaping for 4 full seasons! Very familiar with shrubs, plants. – Kim E., Miami

Speaking of four seasons, If you live somewhere it snows, plan ahead and add Snow Removal to your profile today. It may not have you basking in the sunshine, but it should have you shoveling in plenty of work!

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