Welcome to the New & Improved IKEA Assembly Category (USA)

Assembling flat-pack furniture used to also mean flat rates–but not anymore! 

We’re making some exciting changes to the IKEA Assembly category for USA-based Taskers and Clients:

  • You’ll be able to set your own hourly rate–just like in any other category. 
    • Clients will be shown the estimated project cost (average time to assemble the pieces multiplied by your hourly rate). 
    • We will provide rate recommendations just like we do for other categories, to give you a sense of what the market will bear. 
  • Clients will be able to choose their own Tasker–just like in any other category.
  • For team tasks, Clients will be prompted to hire multiple Taskers.
  • Same-day IKEA Assembly tasks will now be available.
  • You can advise your Clients that they can add or remove items in the Chat thread.
  • You will no longer receive a daily email with unclaimed tasks. Set your schedule, and keep an eye on your Tasker app for IKEA Assembly task invitations–just like you do for your other categories.

Again, these changes are only applicable to the IKEA Assembly category in the USA for now.

Make sure your hex wrench is handy and get ready to build your business–literally–through the IKEA Assembly category! Read more about the IKEA category here.  

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