#TaskerTuesday–Jason S.

Seattle-based Jason S. has been on the TaskRabbit platform for just over 6 months now, but he’s quickly climbed the learning curve to communicate as much as possible with his Clients via the Chat Thread. On delicate matters such as Help Moving tasks, he’s earned rave reviews by always bringing essential equipment, and showing Clients that he cares. Read on for his helpful advice that applies to any type of task!

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was in sales.

What is the primary reason why you joined TaskRabbit?

I became a Tasker to help pay for college for my daughter.

What were your biggest learnings as you got started on the app?

Since I started tasking, I’ve learned how to communicate with Clients by asking clarifying questions in the Chat Thread. 

How do you market yourself to Clients?

Before completing the task, I always inform my Clients of everything that I can do (Help Moving, Furniture Assembly, and more). I also rely on my high reviews, and my standards of service–punctuality and (over) communication with every Client.

What is your best tasking memory, or the most meaningful connection you’ve made through tasking?

On more than one occasion, I have been asked to complete or fix a botched IKEA or other furniture assembly job. The Client is typically frustrated beyond words when I arrive after their failed attempt to put something together, and they’re absolutely elated when I complete or repair their work! I keep a lot of common IKEA parts and fasteners handy for these scenarios.

What are some of your go-to tasking tips and tricks? 

I blanket wrap and/or shrinkwrap most of my furniture moves for added protection. It takes longer on the pickup end, but truly shows my Client that I care. I bring blankets to all Furniture Assembly tasks to protect floors from flying tools. Lastly, after assembling a product, I test its functionality (drawers, doors, etc.) to make sure everything works smoothly and is set up correctly. My primary tip to all Taskers is to over-communicate, be transparent, and be punctual.

What do you do to score great reviews (and tips)?

I let my work, energy, and personality earn my high reviews and tips.

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

TaskRabbit is about making people smile. It’s helping me pay for my daughter’s college education. It’s also a good workout for me since I do more physical categories!

In Jason’s Skills & Experience pitch for Heavy Lifting, he mentions the equipment he uses to complete the task: “Let me help you with the heavy lifting. I enjoy the workout and have 25 years of moving, delivering and assembly experience to call on. I have the tools to help you out: dollys, shrink wrap, blankets, hand truck, lifting straps and more.” It’s no wonder that his Clients have shared in their reviews that Jason is an excellent problem solver, is organized, and enthusiastic. No matter your passion, if you bring it to tasking, you will be successful!

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