Ways to Build Your Business Around Moving Tasks (Even If You’re Not a Mover)

Help Moving is one of the most popular tasks on the platform, and a great way to earn income. But if you are someone who would never be interested in or able to do moving tasks, there are many ways for you to support a Client before, during, or after a move!

Having one or more of the following categories on your profile will increase your chances of building a strong referral network within the community. For instance, if your friend is a top moving Tasker, they might refer you to their Client to help them with Babyproofing once they’re all unpacked.

Read on for more opportunities to grow your business through moving tasks–without actually doing a Help Moving task!

Room Measurement

Task scope: Provide accurate measurement of spaces to identify dimensions and fit for various furniture items, drapes, window shades, and wall hangings.


  • Ability to take detailed measurements 
  • Knowledge of best practices for measuring interior and exterior mounted window treatments
  • Measuring tape of different sizes; recommend 25’ to start.

Rental Unit Management

Task scope: Assist real estate agents and corporate housing apartments with routine management needs. 


  • Detail-orientation to inventory units for move-ins and move-outs
  • Customer service orientation to assist with apartment showings, stock homes with provisions, meet renters with keys
  • Waiting for cable/internet installation and troubleshooting any issues

Furniture Removal

Task scope: Help Clients dispose of large and/or difficult-to-dispose-of items, including mattresses, large electronics, or furniture by picking up and taking to the appropriate waste facilities.


  • Ability to lift and shift heavy objects
  • Vehicle to transport large items
  • Knowledge of local waste facility rules and regulations
  • Extra points if you can suggest ways to up-cycle or suggest a Donation Add-On task, the proceeds of which support TaskRabbit for Good’s grant-giving initiatives 


Task scope: Help parents make their home more family friendly! This can include installing child safety devices (i.e. latches to drawers), decorating a baby nursery, assembling furniture, etc.


  • State in your Skills & Experience pitch if you have a power drill to ensure furniture is safely secured to walls, in addition to other tools you have to assemble furniture, hang shelves, etc.
  • Wallpapering or the ability to apply wall decals is a plus. 
  • An eye for interior design in addition to identifying hazards. Clients want their spaces to be beautiful for their children, but also safe. 

Smart Home Installation

Task scope: Install connected home devices, such as smart light bulbs and switches, video doorbells, smart smoke and security systems, learning thermostats, etc. 


  • Previous experience installing smart home devices
  • Drill
  • Ensure your Client gives you wi-fi information to properly set up
  • Ability to test and troubleshoot
  • If you’re interested in upskilling, identify opportunities to practice, shadow a professional, and check out YouTube for how-to videos

Interior Design

Task scope: Consult on the interior look and feel of a home or office, including wall colors, furniture selection, lighting, and decor. 


  • An eye for style and the ability to translate a Client’s vision into reality.
  • Ability to create a moodboard and execute the vision.
  • Previous experience or proven ability to identify color palettes, source and rearrange furniture and art, recommend fixtures, window treatments, etc.
  • Show your portfolio using the Business Photos feature of your Tasker app, and be prepared to show Clients before/after photos or other samples of your work to ensure your styles align
  • Extra points if you are familiar with vendors of furniture and other decor so you can help your Client find the right pieces for their space. 

Like you would for any category Skills & Experience pitch, make sure to include your relevant experience in that category, and add some personality, too! For instance, maybe you’re a Babyproofing pro because you’re a parent to a few kids, or you have always been an electrical engineering whiz, so Smart Home Installation is your true calling. Say it in your Skills & Experience pitch — and task away!

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