Minor Home Repairs 109: Window Repair & Replacement

Many Taskers have the knowledge to complete window repair or replacement tasks, but Minor Home Repairs tasks involving windows will likely require you to liaise with specialty shops in order to get glass cut to size, navigate newer window technology, and ensure safety. Base knowledge includes knowing the different types of window and door frames that encase glass–aluminum, wood, vinyl–and how repairs are nuanced for each. For example, in areas with older homes, Clients are likely to want to maintain a consistent look across their windows, so working with them to achieve their vision is one way you may end up specializing in a particular type of window repair or replacement. 

Here’s a basic overview of replacing a window in a wood frame:

  • Cover broken part of glass with tape to prevent further breakage.
  • Remove the glass.
  • Chip away glazing/putty to loosen remaining glass.
  • Pry out old push points.
  • Scrape and sand.
  • Measure and subtract ¼” from height and width measurement to ensure fit won’t be too loose or too tight.
  • Order glass from professionals/hardware store.
  • Once you have the glass, put putty around the frame into which you will embed the glass.
  • Space push points 4-6” apart.
  • Add more putty to seal and trim away excess.
  • Ensure putty is dry then apply touch-up paint–you may need to return another day to complete this.

Scoping the task:

  • Are the windows single or double pane?
  • What material is the frame made of–aluminum, wood, vinyl?
  • How old is the home?
  • How many stories up is the window?
  • Do you have or need childproofing?
  • After you gather information, you may want to let the Client know if you anticipate the task will take you more than 1 visit to complete

Special tools for repairing windows:

  • Gloves
  • Tape measure
  • Paint scraper
  • Touchup paint
  • Push points to hold glass in frame

Note that, given the custom cutting of window glass, Minor Home Repairs tasks involving windows commonly require you to work over a couple of days–so plan your schedule accordingly!

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