Minor Home Repairs 106: Walls & Wallpapering

Wall repair is a whole galaxy unto itself within the Minor Home Repairs category. Sometimes these tasks are seasonal; for instance, patching leaks due to pipes expanding and contracting after winter. Other times, the repairs are cosmetic, to relieve a Client of a blemish that’s been bothering them for a long time, for example, or turn a plain wall into a work of art. 

Anthony F. said he’s honed his craft by making mistakes, then fixing them–and other times it was by fixing someone else’s mistake. The best way to learn is to observe! Minor Home Repairs tasks requiring wall patching differ by wall type, so it’s best to learn all types but you can also choose to specialize and market yourself accordingly–i.e. stating in your Minor Home Repairs Skills & Experience pitch that you know all wall types or are an expert at one or several. 

Scoping the task:

  • Reference our article on wall types–you’ll need to ask the Client if they know which type their wall is so you know what tools to bring and can anticipate any hurdles.
  • Anthony said that if a Client says they have a hole to be patched, he asks “pinhole size or fist size?” to gauge how long the task could take.
  • Ask the Client if the repair is to the wall or the ceiling, and if they have a ladder tall enough to reach how
  • Ask the Client if they’re a homeowner or renter; if they’re a renter, find out if there are any parameters you have to follow.
  • Ask the Client if they have paint to cover the patch.

Special tools for repairing walls:

  • Tape joint
  • Taping knife
  • Grab tools
  • Paring knives
  • Spackle

Pro tip: Anthony F. suggests cutting out a bigger hole around the hole to be repaired in order to make the patch and finish more smooth. Hammers can bend nails, and fine nails are particularly useful for trim. Anthony said that Clients prefer for the nail to be as unnoticeable as possible, and an air nailer helps to drive thin nails. 

For more detailed information about Minor Home Repairs tasks involving wallpapering, check out our article on “How Taskers Paint & Wallpaper to Make Spaces Beautiful.

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