Getting Through COVID-19 Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyday life around the world. But however you shake the kaleidoscope of this experience, one clear picture has emerged: the TaskRabbit community is powering through the crisis together. We’ve gathered up some resources with the hope that we can help you make the most of a challenging situation.

Learn something new

Perhaps the sudden impact of COVID-19 has led you to take a break, focus on personal priorities, or explore building new skills. Have you considered digging into The Burrow’s growing “Learn” section? There’s a lot to discover—here are some ideas:

  • If you’re new to the Delivery category, these general tips are useful–such as updating your Work Area map to ensure you get task invitations where you are able to safely travel at this time. 
  • Cleaning tasks can be completely contactless, especially when it’s for a move-out or empty unit. Read our Cleaning 101 series to polish up your skills.
  • Coming soon: A new educational series on Minor Home Repairs (we’ll update this blog post with a link when it’s ready!). You’ll be able to learn how Taskers have honed their trades with a little help from YouTube and fellow Taskers.

Master our popular categories: Delivery, Errands, & Shopping 

COVID-19 Same Day Groceries or Shopping

Everyone is affected by the COVID-19 situation. Clients need help buying groceries, picking up medicine, delivering food from local restaurants, and dropping off supplies for loved ones who are more vulnerable or immunocompromised. Here are some top tips to succeed in the categories where we’re seeing the highest demand right now.

  • Handle purchases and reimbursements like a pro. With the increase in demand for Delivery and Shopping tasks, how should you handle purchases? In some cases, Clients will have already made the purchase, and they need a Tasker to pick it up for them. In other cases, Clients may need you to make the purchase yourself. Be sure to note everything to be purchased in the Chat Thread, and take a picture of the receipt in the Chat Thread when the purchases have been made! If the charges will amount to more than $100, call or chat with Support to get approval before making the purchase. Add the expense to your invoice, and the Client will reimburse through the app. Remember: delivery of alcohol or controlled substances is not permitted according to our Terms of Service. 
  • Build your brand and stand out. Our article on 6 Ways to Market Yourself & Build Your Tasker Brand shares tips to optimize your profile and spread the word about the services you provide. To address COVID-19, you can update your Quick Pitches with measures you take to task safely and which categories you can task in virtually. If relevant, you can add in any wholesale store memberships or discount cards you might have. 
  • Scope tasks with your Client. Adapt these Sample Scoping Questions to Ask Before Any Task–you can use some down time to set up category-specific scoping questions in a list on your phone, from which to copy and paste each time you get an invitation!
  • Keep your prices competitive. Consider revisiting your rates to stay competitive with local errand-running services, particularly in Delivery, Errands, and Shopping. Our recent data show that Clients are looking for affordable help in these categories, choosing lower-priced Taskers who can get the job done well. 
  • Be flexible on timing. Client schedules are fairly flexible right now, so if the time they propose doesn’t work for you, suggest another one that does! 

You can find more tips on Contactless Tasks here

Prioritize health & wellness

  • Take care of yourself! Only task if you choose to and can do so in a safe way that keeps you and your Clients healthy. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, visit the Tasker Store to access safety kits (hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves) through our partner, Bluemark, to stay safe while tasking and otherwise. We are offering reimbursements for safety kits while supplies last.
  • Sending a note to your Clients, fellow Taskers—and of course family, friends, and neighbors—to let them know you’re thinking of them can brighten their day. We’ve loved seeing shoutouts on social media recognizing the ways Taskers are contributing positively to their communities during the COVID crisis. if you don’t already, start following #taskrabbit on social!
  • With Spring in the air, now is the perfect opportunity to stop and smell the roses. If your local guidelines allow you to do Yard Work outside of your Client’s home, this type of task can feel refreshing for both you and your Client. 

How have you adjusted your daily life to COVID? Share with the Tasker community in the comments below! 

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