Get Safety Supply Kits Through Bluemark

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter the ways we all live and work, we’ve been heartened to see the Tasker community find safe and contactless ways to continue supporting Clients. Your safety and health is of the utmost importance to us, so we’re excited to partner with Bluemark to offer safety supply kits to Taskers in the US and Canada, while supplies last. 

Each kit includes:

  • 1 six-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer spray (65% ethanol)
  • 20 pairs of disposable gloves (latex-free)
  • 10 disposable non-medical grade masks

Kits are available at a low cost exclusively to Taskers, and TaskRabbit does not make a profit from the sale of these items. All transactions are processed and fulfilled by Bluemark.

Purchase a Safety Kit

We applaud Taskers who choose/are able to task safely at this time, and want to ensure that you can do so affordably. If you need financial assistance to purchase safety supplies, we’re offering reimbursement for the purchase of one safety kit per Tasker. To get reimbursed, just fill out the short form below.

Get Reimbursed

We hope these kits will help keep you safe on your tasks throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Remember to always follow public health guidance and regulations in your area at all times.

2 thoughts on “Get Safety Supply Kits Through Bluemark

  1. Jerry L Smith says:

    I would like to know how much the safety kit cost

    1. Allison TaskRabbit says:

      Hi Jerry! The safety kit costs $9.19. If you click the “Purchase a Safety Kit” link in the article, you will be taken to the Tasker Store where you can purchase the kit. Thanks for asking!

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