6 Ways To Market Yourself & Build Your Tasker Brand

When you’re an independent contractor, marketing yourself is fundamental to building your brand and growing your business. Fortunately, the TaskRabbit platform offers a variety of simple ways to help you market yourself! Here are the top 6 ways that top Taskers recommend to market your business on the app and stand out to Clients.

1. Spice up your profile

The About section of your profile is a chance to create a first impression on a Client so that they will go on to peruse your categories and reviews, and then hire you! Keep your description brief but inviting. Consider including, if applicable:

  • Your professional background; 
  • The languages you speak;
  • A sense of your personality;
  • Why Clients should hire YOU! 

For example:

“My passions are gardening, interior design, baking–anything involving making something look pretty. When I’m not tasking, I’m usually playing with my rescue puppy! 🐶

“I am one of 6 children and have 3 of my own, so I am one of the most patient, yet persistent, people you’ll ever meet–which makes me great at all kinds of tasks!”

PS: Don’t forget about the importance of your profile photo. Clients prefer Taskers with clear, friendly profile photos. It also helps them identify you when you arrive for a task.

2. Write dynamic Skills & Experience pitches

When you write your Skills & Experience pitches, think about the dash of salt and pepper you would add to any meal! In other words, don’t be afraid to add a little flavor. Consider including:

  • Years of experience in that category;
  • Tools that you can bring to the task;
  • Your mastery of relevant skills, including certifications;
  • Why you love doing that category;
  • What makes you special, described in a relatable way.

For example:

“Hi, I’m __. I have experience working at __ [company] doing small repair jobs like putting up shelves, patching holes in the wall, painting and touch-ups, replacing light fixtures and fans, and also mounting TVs and artwork. I love the variety of fixing random things.”

Pro tip: Once you’ve completed the Tasker registration process and are waiting for your first task invitation, revisit your Skills & Experience pitches to ensure you’ve written descriptive, compelling, charismatic pitches that tell Clients why they should hire you for the task! Our article on Crafting the Ultimate Skills & Experience pitch describes how you can write category descriptions that stand out to Clients in search results. 

3. Share your profile URL

There are many opportunities for Taskers to promote themselves in their communities by sharing their profile URL. To find your unique URL and referral code information, go to the “Profile” section of your app, then “Promote Yourself.” Consider promoting your URL to potential new Clients in these ways:

  • Customize your closing task message and include your URL;
  • Include your URL in your email signature;
  • Include your URL in your social media bio;
  • Ask your friends and family to share your URL with their networks;
  • Share your URL with fellow Taskers and ask for theirs too, so you can refer each other;
  • Include your URL on flyers that you post on a community board;
  • Add your URL to your business cards.

4. Ask your Clients to “favorite” you

When a Client saves their “favorite” Tasker, it makes it easier to re-book them for the next task. Remember to ask your Clients to add you to their “My Favorites” list! Walking your Client through the process is one way to drive home that you provide detail-oriented, thoughtful customer service.

All Clients have to do is find you under “My Taskers” then “Past Taskers,” then click “Add to Favorites”. For future tasks, the Client can easily re-book you and/or start a Chat thread with you to scope the task. Elite Taskers recommend setting a goal for the number of Clients you want to “favorite” you! Check out our article on How to Make the Most of the Favoriting Feature for more info. 

5. Upsell your skills 

Taskers in the Minor Home Repairs category shared great tips on upselling their skills. While on a task, if a Client asks them to take a look at something other than what they were hired to do, they let the Client know they can provide a “free estimate.” After they scope the repair, they let the Client know how long they think it will take to do the work, and can schedule the next task on the spot. This is a strategy that can be used within other categories too–like Mounting, Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Help Moving. It’s a win-win, because the Client will feel they are in capable hands and are crossing something else off their to-do list–and you’ll gain a repeat Client!

6. Earn rave reviews

Clients are looking for high quality Taskers, and their ability to see your Star Ratings per category will help them hire you. Doing your best work and providing excellent customer service will help you score more and better reviews–which will help you stand out from the crowd like the star you are! 🤩

Other ways you can consider building your brand:

  • If you’re the creative sort, have you ever thought about creating content on YouTube about tasking? 
  • Add QR codes to your business cards to bring Clients directly to your profile URL;
  • Make sure your profile photo is a high quality image that is authentically you! You can even be wearing your toolbelt, chef’s hat, or other skill- or passion-related flair;
  • Add a line in your Skills & Experience pitches in another language that you speak;
  • Leverage social media, which is how many Taskers showcase their work!

If you haven’t already put these into practice, we encourage you to implement some or all to market yourself and your business, and get more tasks! 

Are there any other tactics that have helped you market yourself as a Tasker? Feel free to leave a comment and share with the community.

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    1. Hi Brigitte, thanks for reaching out! To add photos of completed tasks to your profile: open the Tasker app, click “Profile”, then “Business Photos”. From there, you can easily upload photos and also add captions to briefly describe the tasks! Check out this article for more ways to enhance your profile: https://taskers.taskrabbit.com/2020/09/21/3-ways-to-maximize-your-profile-to-get-more-tasks/. We want you to be able to show off the work you’re most proud of, so let us know if you have any other questions.

  1. Hi! How do I create a QR code (to add to a business card) that links to my personal Profile via my task rabbit URL?

    1. Hi Nanea! One perk available to Taskers is discounted business cards through Moo. When you customize your business card, you can opt to include a QR code that links to your URL!

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