#TaskerTuesday–Sasson S.

Sasson S. came to TaskRabbit one year ago, and one of his favorite aspects of tasking is meeting new Clients and creating positive connections with them. Tasking has exposed to Sasson how many special people are out there—as he says, “you just have to meet them!” 

Read on to discover Sasson’s secret to creating lasting Client relationships.

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What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was a student before I came to TaskRabbit.

What is the primary reason why you joined TaskRabbit?

I wanted to enjoy myself while earning a living, and I found that flexibility in TaskRabbit.

How do you market yourself to Clients?

I make sure to give a clear description of my skills in my Skills & Experience pitches, and I pair this information with a smiling profile picture. 

What is your best tasking memory? 

I had one Client who wanted to make sure that I was taken care of in every way possible. She insisted that I eat and drink during my long task and encouraged me to take periodic breaks. I felt so cared for, which in turn helped me to be as efficient as possible!

What is the most meaningful connection you’ve made through tasking?

I’ve met so many amazing Clients through my tasks, which has given me a more positive disposition realizing how many special people are out there—you just have to meet them! 

What’s your best advice for other Taskers?

Be professional. As Taskers we’re invited into our Client’s personal space and it’s our duty to respect that by being polite to both the owner and their property. It’s so important to speak with dignity and to leave the space better than we found it. 

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

Financially, TaskRabbit has completely transformed my life. Not only do I have money to spend, but more importantly, tasking has helped me improve my skills. As I grow and expand my work categories, I continue to learn and enjoy the experience!

What’s your hidden talent?

I’m really good at improving people’s moods. 🙂 But on a more serious note, I’m really handy and can offer my wide range of skills to life’s everyday challenges, helping others get their tasks done a bit quicker. 

What do you do to unwind?

I love to watch The Ellen Show while eating good food! 

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Sasson highlights his professionalism and goal to delight Clients as his top tools for success. With a little help from TaskRabbit and a customer-oriented mindset, Sasson has found great success on TaskRabbit, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

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