How to Make the Most of the Favoriting Feature

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we made it easier for Clients to work with you again—and again! The favoriting feature helps you build repeat Clients as well as lasting relationships, which could become the cornerstone of your business. 

How does it work?

When a Client saves their “favorite” Tasker, it makes it easier to re-book the same Tasker for the next task — in the same category or a different one. Clients will now see “Favorite Taskers” as a section of their profile to encourage re-booking and keep those relationships strong. 

Want to increase your chances of being favorited?

Leading with exceptional customer service sets the foundation for success and puts you on the fast track to earning a Client’s trust. Want some more tips for securing a spot in your Client’s “Favorite Taskers” section? Keep reading!

  1. Be consistent: Make punctuality part of your personal brand, and always be sure to maintain strong communication during your travels to a task. Clients will feel more informed and trusting if they have an updated and accurate ETA.
  2. Communication is key: When in doubt, chat it out! Use chat to confirm details, tools, and expenses with the Client before a task. Never assume—always ask. 
  3. Go the extra mile: Is there recycling or trash to take out? Did you clean a couple of stray dirty dishes while you were there? Did you bring their dog a treat? Going above and beyond is a great way to put yourself on the path to becoming a favorite.
  4. Finish strong: At the end of your task, ask if there’s anything else you can do for your Clients—both for the current or a future task. If they aren’t there during the task, make sure you add this information into the chat thread. And finally, don’t forget to encourage your Client to add you to their “Favorite Taskers” section under “My Taskers” in the app! 

Meet some of the top favorited Taskers, who shared with us what being “favorited” means to them.

3-Casey P.Since I’ve joined TaskRabbit, I’ve gained freedom and a real satisfaction in my work knowing that what I do makes an impact in other people’s lives. – Casey P.

Categories: Yard Work, Furniture Assembly, Help Moving

4-John J.As a Tasker, I’ve learned how to build a business. Being favorited is humbling. – John J.

Categories: Help Moving, Cleaning, Furniture Assembly

24-Storm L.I go above and beyond to be the best I can be for my Clients! – Storm L.

Categories: Help Moving, Cleaning, Furniture Assembly

2-Ireion A.My quality of work is based on what I would want as a Client–I imagine myself as half Client, half superhero! – Ireion A.

Categories: Cleaning, Furniture Assembly

6-Edward R.It feels great to be trusted in my quality of work and my manner. – Edward R.

Categories: Minor Home Repairs, Furniture Assembly, Mounting

18-Michael C.Being favorited reminds me why I love my job so much! – Michael C.

Categories: Help Moving, Furniture Assembly, Lift & Shift


Our community is full of Taskers just like you who are utilizing their skills, building their businesses, and making their Clients’ lives easier every day. Remember to ask your Clients to add you to their “My Favorites” list today.

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