#TaskerTuesday-Raja V.

Raja’s claim to fame? He is one of the first-ever Taskers in Paris!

Raja is currently a student and was caught in a bind when tuition fees came around– until he discovered TaskRabbit. Hear how tasking is helping him pay off his student fees, and still have something left over to send home to his parents—truly a story worth reading!  

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was a student before joining TaskRabbit and worked in a restaurant as my part time job.

What’s the primary reason you joined TaskRabbit?

I’m currently a student in France and am new to the country, so I don’t speak French very well. I had just finished my first year of studies when I learned that I had to pay the full tuition fee by mid September, or else I’d have to leave school. I thought it would be impossible to find a job in two months with my current French language skills, until I discovered TaskRabbit! 

What is your best tasking memory? 

I’d have to say it’s really been all my interactions with TaskRabbit! It’s truly been an amazing experience from the very start. In the sign-up process I was able to meet with members of the TaskRabbit team to ask questions and learn more about the platform. After becoming a Tasker I received 100 euros through a perk they were running for the first 50 Taskers to join in France. I invested this money into a new toolkit and transportation costs, which definitely helped me feel more confident as I completed my first Furniture Assembly task, where I had a wonderful experience with a friendly Client. It all couldn’t have gone smoother! 

How has TaskRabbit impacted your life?

Before TaskRabbit, I had to take care of my parents, my monthly expenses, and my tuition fee – all of it together was daunting. TaskRabbit helped ease the pain of these financial responsibilities within a short turnaround time. I don’t know where I’d be without TaskRabbit, and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are an entrepreneur and like to work with a flexible schedule, then TaskRabbit is certainly for you!

How do you market yourself to Clients?

I am always sure to give my promotional code out to Clients. During my task I listen carefully to my Clients and do the job as they expect it to be done. 

What’s your hidden talent?

I am good at networking! I love meeting new people and it comes very easily to me. 

What do you do to unwind?

I honestly love helping others, it makes me happy to know I’ve helped someone.

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Raja’s story is another incredible example of how perseverance, creativity, and a bit of TaskRabbit’s help can make all the difference when in a bind! Even through the challenges that come with relocating to a new country, Raja was able to face them head-on through his Tasking experience. Thank you Raja for sharing your story, and keep sharing your positivity with the world! 

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