#TaskerTuesday – Chris L.

Many Taskers share a journey to the platform that you may relate to as well—holding a few jobs that don’t necessarily light a fire under you, doing some gig work that doesn’t help you flex your creative muscles, and earning money but not your way. Chris L. is an Austin-based Tasker with a similar story who, through tasking across a variety of categories, now feels rewarded personally and financially. 

Read on and let us know if Chris’ story feels familiar!

What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

Worked at several start-ups, at a theater non-profit, and drove for a ride-sharing platform briefly.

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

Flexibility of schedule and the opportunity to enrich others’ lives.

What is your best tasking memory?

One Client was a recent transplant to Austin. We started chatting and realized we both loved fantasy/sci-fi novels, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons games. I invited him and his partner over for a board game night with me and my fiancé. We had an awesome time!

What types of challenges has TaskRabbit allowed you to overcome?

Getting increased exposure to Clients who need help has enabled me to use a wide range of skills and pick up new skills. I’ve gotten lots of opportunities to improve on my face-to-face and virtual communication skills with people as well, which has helped me improve relationships outside of TaskRabbit too.

What values and attitudes do you try to live by?

Do the work as if it’s for yourself or your family. Do things right the first time and don’t rush. It’s better to over communicate than to leave a Client in the dark. 

What was the most rewarding thing about your transition to becoming a Tasker?

Getting out from behind a desk and into the world, having flexibility with my schedule, and getting to spend more time with my dog, Watson. 🐶 

Being self-employed is a revelation that many don’t experience until they join TaskRabbit. Chris’s story is one of many that celebrates the benefits of flexible work, solid earnings, and the ability to do what you know as well as what you like. 

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