Cleaning 108: Closing the Task

Final walk-through: 

Do a final walk-through of the house to make sure it looks sparkling. Remember to take trash bags out. If in doubt, ask the Client where the garbage bins are located. 

Confirm your Client’s satisfaction: 

  • If the Client is present: offer to do a closing walk-through so they can inspect the task. Asking the Client if there’re any other areas they’d like cleaned will give them the opportunity to ask for anything else as opposed to leaving it in a review. 
  • If the Client is not present: send several photos of the areas cleaned via chat and ask if there’s anything further the Client would like done. You can send these photos while packing up supplies to allow several minutes for a final response from your Client before taking off. 

Create a lasting relationship with your Client

  • If cleaning for a first-time Client don’t miss the opportunity to offer to come back again for a Deep Clean or another regular Cleaning task.
  • TaskRabbit offers the ability to set a Cleaning task as recurring so it’s easier for the Client to find you again. 
  • Upsell yourself! Thank your Client for hiring you and let them know what other categories you task in should they ever need more help. You can get some of your most loyal Clients this way.

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