Cleaning 106: The Bedroom and Living Spaces

For living areas, it’s important to remember Tasker Maggie‘s sacred cleaning rule: “Dry before wet.” Dust and vacuum, then spray and mop. Elite Taskers recommend setting an alarm on your phone to keep track of time when cleaning living spaces to keep the clean moving along. Since bathrooms and kitchens are time consuming, getting to the other areas of the house efficiently is important to a successful clean.

Follow the steps listed below to clean living spaces with tip top efficiency: 

Step 1: Dust, vacuum, and tidy

  • Some Clients have preference to where their things live, so remember to tidy and straighten but leave the organization piece to Clients, unless otherwise specified. 
  • For living rooms: dust all surfaces, electronics, lighting fixtures, and corners—cobwebs love to live there! 
  • For bedrooms: dust all mirrors, nightstands, dressers, picture frames, and light fixtures.
  • Tidy tabletop items, bookshelves, and other loose items around the area. 
  • If there is clearly marked clean laundry, you can offer to fold and tidy for your Client. 

Step 2: Fluff Pillows, cushions and make the bed

  • For all living areas, fluffing pillows and arranging them in an orderly way is an easy step to delight your Client. 
  • For linens ask your Client for their preference. Do they want fresh linens? Do they want dirty linens washed? Remember to ask all these questions in the scoping phase. 

Step 3: Spray and wipe

  • Before spraying dining room tables or side tables remember that some require special products, so always double check with your Client if a special product is required in this area. 

Step 4: Mop

  • Always leave mopping as the last step, as this will leave hardwood floors sparkling! Just be sure to work backwards so your footprints aren’t left behind. 

Adding your signature special touch here—whether it’s making sure pillows are extra fluffy or ensuring dining room chairs are all pushed in—will leave Clients impressed and your business will benefit! Any special cleaning tips for living spaces we’ve left out? Leave your favorite tips in the comments below!

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