Cleaning 104: The Bathroom

Oh, the infamous bathroom! Most likely, Clients will ask for extra time and focus on the bathroom so getting a good bathroom routine down will help save time and leave a sparkling impression for your Client. Sourced from Elite Taskers, check out the information below to learn how to leave a bathroom shining bright. 

Step 1: Prepping to Clean

  • To achieve top efficiency start by getting everything out of your way before you begin so you don’t need to stop and move things as you go.
  • Remove items like trash cans, scales, soap dispensers, bath mats, or anything else that might be blocking bathroom surfaces. 
  • The bathroom will usually involve using chemicals and kneeling to reach shorter areas, so having a mask, gloves, and kneepads will add extra comfort and protection. 
  • For tiny bathroom appliances, you can store them either in the sink or outside of the room on a paper towel to maximize your surface area while cleaning. 

Step 2: Tub, Sink, and Shower 

  • This is where a Melamine Foam Sponge (see Cleaning 103: Choosing Supplies) will be a lifesaver.  It works well with cleaning sinks and taking stubborn scum and buildup off a tub.
  • Bleach products are also efficient at cleaning soap scum and mold in the shower/tub area and around the sink.

Step 3: Toilet 

  • Use toilet bowl cleaner and a good scrub brush to thoroughly saturate inside the toilet bowl. Scrub vigorously, paying attention to harder to reach areas of the bowl.
  • Spray the rest of the toilet (don’t forget the base!) liberally with a disinfectant spray.
  • Let disinfectant sit for a minute or two, then vigorously scrub all areas of the toilet. 

Step 4: Surfaces and Floors

  • Disinfect, scrub, wipe, and clean all other surfaces before tackling the floor. Tasker Maggie says that it’s important to liberally spray down all surfaces in the bathroom to give those disinfectants time to do their job. The golden rule of surfaces, according to Taskers is to do “dry before wet.” First dust and vacuum, then spray and mop. 

Whew! The bathroom is the perfect space to show off a cleaning job well done. Why, you might ask? Because a clean bathroom literally sparkles. Be sure to take one last glimpse around to not forget any dirty rags, paper towels, or mirrors left unwiped. Do you have a special cleaning tip that keeps the bathroom sparkling even brighter? Share it in the comments below!

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