Cleaning 103: Choosing Supplies

As you build your cleaning expertise, you’ll likely develop preferences for tools and products, according to Taskers Maggie E. and Esther F. It’s also important to check with your Client in your scoping questions to determine if they have any preferences such as all-natural cleaning products. To get you started, here’s a list of general supplies that Elite Cleaning Taskers recommend:

  • All-purpose cleaner 
    • Many brands make a good all-purpose cleaner, so choose your favorite! 
    • Tasker Maggie prefers all-purpose cleaners that come in a concentrated form so she can dilute them as needed.
  • Tile and grout cleaner
    • Use a toothbrush to apply tile and grout cleaner. The small brush helps to reach spaces between tiles and other hard-to-reach areas. 
    • Foaming cleaner is a great choice for removing stubborn scum.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
    • Scrubbing agents that work for kitchen sinks and bathtubs work great for toilet bowls too. This helps cut down on hauling multiple products. 
  • Multi-surface floor cleaner 
    • Oil soap floor-cleaners or multi-purpose cleaner work great for floors.
    • Be sure to double check with your Client about their floor type—different materials require different cleaning agents to protect them from wear and tear.
  • Window cleaner
    • This works best on windows and other glass surfaces, like tables, mirrors, and shower doors. Best when used in tandem with a clean microfiber rag for a streak-free surface. 
  • Melamine foam sponge
    • According to Maggie, these are “THE BEST THINGS EVER!” They can help you polish soap scum out of shower glass efficiently. 
  • Disinfecting cleaners
    • These can be used to further sanitize room surfaces, especially in bathrooms. 
    • Maggie says “Some Clients are very particular about bleach so communicate what supplies will work for both of you.” 
  • Clean cotton or microfiber towels
    • Microfiber towels are gentle but absorbent. You can buy them in bulk and wash them over and over again, making them sustainable and cost efficient. 
    • Elite Taskers recommend having one microfiber towel per room, so you aren’t mixing bathroom and living room germs!
  • Portable Duster/Sweeper Tool
    • These slim but effective dusters trap dust efficiently.
    • Confirm with your Client when scoping whether they have their own mop or sweeping tool, if they have additional wet/dry pads, etc. to come as prepared as possible. 
  • Cordless vacuum 
    • This lightweight tool prevents hauling a clunky, plug-in vacuum if your Client doesn’t have a vacuum you can use. The cordless vacuum is lighter and more portable when going from task to task.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Whether you’re going to be cleaning mold or using high-powered chemicals, it’s best to protect your nose and mouth, and limit skin exposure to harmful substances.
    • Tasker Maggie recommends buying rubber gloves in bulk similar to the type used in scientific labs, which are built for protection from chemicals. For more intense jobs, she will double up on glove protection. 
    • Maggie also recommends using a face mask with a filter, as these help protect from pollutants.

Cleaning tasks are all about using the tools that work best for you, and creating your own cleaning kit. Remember to choose your tools based off of both the needs of the task and your Client’s preferences. Have you created the ultimate cleaning product kit? Share your items (or just favorite products) in the comments below! 

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  1. Also is recommended to use protection for the eyes when using chemicals. when I began working as a tasker I use bleach in the kitchen sink and some of it sprinkle in my eye and the Dr. says it is like dead skin in there and bother me sometimes.

  2. I like to use a floor steamer instead of a mop. They are way more sanitary and not heavy! Great tip about one microfiber towel per room. When I started I went through so many paper towels.

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