#TaskerTuesday—Matthew H.

Matthew H. has been tasking in the Boston area since 2016. He focuses solely on IKEA Assembly tasks; saving Clients time and energy. Matthew has stellar reviews that attest to not only his assembly prowess, but also his responsible and kind personality–such as “His white glove treatment gets 5 Stars from me!”, “He even showed my son what he was doing and gave him an assembly book to look at while he was working” and “I am very thankful to TaskRabbit for connecting me with such a great person, kind individual, and skilled operator.” 

Read on for how tasking has helped Matthew feel a sense of accomplishment and turn his life around. 

What is the best thing that you’ve done with your earnings from TaskRabbit? 

My mother and stepfather are on a fixed income, and they couldn’t afford to pay for a new roof on their house. So I paid for it. ☺️

Why did you decide to focus on IKEA Assembly as your only task category? 

I love the before/after effect of IKEA Assembly tasks. I arrive to mess of boxes, and depart having contributed to my Client’s space looking more like a home. It’s not always easy, but nothing makes me feel more rewarded than this transformation.

What top tip would you give to people wanting to get started in the IKEA Assembly category?

Relax. IKEA products may seem a bit daunting at first, but realize it’s just a puzzle that needs to be solved. You can do it.

What is your “special touch” to provide memorable, excellent customer service? 

I always take cardboard, trash, etc. with me to recycle/dispose of. It’s one less thing the Client has to worry about. The reason they hired me is so they don’t have a headache.  Finish that job, every time.

What is the primary reason why you joined TaskRabbit?

To support my family.

What is your unique story?

I grew up very poor. No cable TV, no internet, no phone. After graduating from high school, I took any job I could without any plans for a career. Minimum wage was the only attainable earning I foresaw for myself. After a decade, my lifestyle was work, beers, sleep, repeat. It was misery, until I found a way to understand my value–my own personal value, not just what someone is willing to pay me. Discovering this through TaskRabbit was a blessing. The confidence I have now in my ability to accomplish greater goals has released me from the trap of the minimum wage. Now I feel like nothing is unreachable.

What is one of the top 5 greatest moments of your life?

One day I realized that I owned a dresser full of clothes that were not pre-owned or passed down. I’d never before been able to afford this luxury. That caused a tear or two to fall. 

We couldn’t be prouder to offer a platform that makes meaningful connections and enables Taskers to conquer professional and personal goals. Do you have a story similar to Matthew’s? Please share in comments!

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  1. Mathew,

    You inspire me to be the best I can be on Task Rabbit. I admire your love for your family and you dedication to your clients. Going above and beyond is what makes you a leader. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you the best of luck.


    Perry R.

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