Meet the TaskRabbit Team – Tricia M.

Welcome to the second edition of “Meet the TaskRabbit Team!” For today’s employee spotlight, we’ll be getting to know Tricia M. Working out of the New York office, Tricia sits on the Tasker Acquisition team, or TAQ for short. 

Tricia is a creative powerhouse who’s constantly dreaming up new ways to acquire high quality Taskers. She works diligently to understand pain points within the registration process to make improvements to the Tasker onboarding experience. The best part about Tricia? She’s got a wicked sense of humor, and always keeps the team laughing. 

Meet Tricia M.


How long have you worked at TaskRabbit?

It’ll be two years in December!

Where are you from?

Brooklyn, NYC.

What’s the last task you completed?

Bartending at a company party. 

What’s the last task you had completed for you?

I had a bright yellow screen door installed!

Describe your day to day at TaskRabbit in one sentence.

I’d say it’s pretty fast-paced and there is a lot of multi-tasking.

What’s one thing you’ve learned during your time at TaskRabbit?

The skill of learning how to navigate through ambiguity.

What’s one thing you think our Tasker community should know about life on the inside?

Behind every email, incentive, Facebook post, and push notification is a real person whose goal is to get you more work when and where you want it.

What’s the one app that you depend on (besides TaskRabbit 😉)

Daylio: it’s an easy way to journal through keeping what they call a “micro-diary.”

What movie title describes your life story?

We Bought a Zoo (…I have four animals…).

Tell us about your hobbies—what do you like to do outside of work?

NYC is a fast and busy place, so recharging at home is my favorite activity. Outside of the home? Probably exploring and finding fun spots to try new cocktails.

What is your food or drink addiction?

Korean BBQ!


Stay tuned for future “Meet the TaskRabbit Team” features!

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