#TaskerTuesday—Matthew F.

817b3a93f0adEver sat at a desk and just thought, “only one more hour until I can get out of this place and go enjoy my evening”? Sadly, that’s a pretty common sentiment among many professionals and service providers, and Tasker Matthew F. was no different. Thanks to tasking, that uninspired feeling has vanished for Matthew. No more staring at the clock or looking busy just to please the boss! 

Keep reading to discover Matthew’s journey from working as a mechanic for “the man” to choosing his own hours and working for himself, and how he goes about building a successful network of repeat Clients. 

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What did you do for a living before becoming a Tasker?

I was a mechanic working for someone else. 

What’s the primary reason you joined TaskRabbit?

I wanted to gain control over the hours in my day. When you’re tasking you’re making money. And when you are not—the day is yours. Now I don’t ever have to “look busy” for my employer because that “employer” is now me!  

What helped you accept your first task?

Just going for it! My first task was taking apart a shed and I had NO idea what to expect. I just came as prepared as possible with plenty of tools and a can-do attitude, and made it happen. After that, I was hooked. I knew that the possibilities were endless with TaskRabbit.

How do you market your business to Clients?

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. That is your #1 tool! I also recommend making business cards (using that free perk!), using social media to show your work (I like a good before/after), and just providing top quality service.

What’s your top ice-breaker question to Clients?

Easy: “is this your first time using TaskRabbit?” Then from there you can take the conversation wherever you need to, including letting the Client know about the other categories you can help them with.  

What’s the most meaningful connection you’ve made through tasking?

I couldn’t pick just one because I have a huge number of return Clients. They collectively provide a connection and sense of community that keeps me going.

What’s your best advice to other Taskers?

Be available! Don’t price yourself too high in the beginning because the reviews are what is going to allow you to raise your rates. Think of your reviews like your credit score, the more you build it up, the better off you’ll be!

What’s your hidden talent?

I make AMAZING, homemade, beef jerky!

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We love Matthew’s emphasis on reviews as the backbone of his business—letting him know if he’s successful, helping him build his network of Clients, and as a gauge of whether he’s due to give himself a raise. And who wouldn’t want to be part of Matthew’s network if a birthday gift might include some of his delicious homemade jerky! 

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  1. Mathew F. You are absolutely Right. Reviews reviews reviews. I like to say awesome job. On your personal review and evaluation on striving to be a better person as a Tasker and human being. Hopefully I can try some your beef jerky one day. I also love to cook. Check out my video on YouTube. It’s under (Isaac Ambriz Hawaiian Poke 5min version). It was a rendition for Master Chef. Hope you enjoy it.

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