Mounting 111: Closing The Task

To leave a shining lasting impression with your Client, how you end your task matters. 


  • Clear away any dust created from drilling. Be thorough with the cleanup—dust from drilling can get into unsuspecting areas! 
    • Tasker Issac S. always tapes a plastic bag directly under the areas he has to drill into the wall, which catches any dust created from drilling and makes for easy cleanup. 
  • Clear away any excess boxes or trash—it’s a great practice to leave the house in better condition than you found it.

Confirm Placement

  • Be sure the Client is fully satisfied with the finished product! It’s easier to move the item while you’re there than have to come back to move it.
  • Do a final check with your Client–does anything else need to be mounted? 

Final Communication

  • Taskers suggest that you tell the Client how you mounted the items, including:
    • What tools you used.
    • How it works, if applicable (e.g. for ceiling lights/fans).
    • Any considerations they might need to take when removing or moving the item from its new place.

Create a Lasting Relationship With Your Client

  • Did you enjoy working with your Client? Did they love the work you completed? That’s great! Creating a lasting relationship can help you and your business. 
  • Upsell yourself! Thank the Client for hiring you, and let them know what other categories you task in should they ever need more help. You can get some of your most loyal Clients this way.

These tips from Taskers can also apply to other task categories so while you may now be expertly prepared for any Mounting task, remember that there are transferable skills you’re acquiring too! 

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  1. Great videos. Very informative. From its core of the company’s primary goals and objectives. To the Tasker’s experience and growth. profile updating and freedom to expanding their horizons to new heights. I love it. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

    1. Awesome guys! Attention to details before, during and after the task is very important! Thanks for the tips

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