Mounting 110: Different Bracket Types for TVs

When it comes to knowing your bracket types, there’s no room to swerve! To mount a TV properly and securely, Taskers recommend knowing what type of brackets you’ll be using. 

Swivel Bracket 

  • A swivel bracket simply means that a TV can be moved around on the wall. 
  • This type of bracket needs to be anchored to a stud because of the way it moves and the weight it has to bear.
    • Drywall doesn’t always support swivel mounts safely, so be sure that there are studs before mounting directly into drywall. 
  • Wooden studs will best support this mount. 
  • Mounting into metal studs is another option, but would require toggle bolts in order to mount properly. See Mounting 107: Anchors to learn more!

Hanging Bracket

  • A hanging bracket is stationary on the wall. It might move up and down, but not side to side like a swivel bracket. 
  • You don’t always have to find studs to mount this type of bracket so you have more options on where to drill holes.
  • You can use all drywall anchors for a hanging bracket.
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Mounting Hanging and Swivel Brackets

Use the bracket to double-check that holes are aligned. Sometimes brackets even come with stencil or paper outlines to helps you line it up. There are some hanging brackets that you can snap in, while others need to be tightened with screws. See Mounting 106: Starting to Drill in addition to following the bracket’s instructions to identify what exactly you will need to do. 

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  1. This article is terrible. Whoever wrote this has no idea what they’re talking about. These terms and descriptions don’t make any sense, I can sort of understand what they’re trying to say, but anyone who is not already an expert would only end up even more confused than they started after reading this.

    Please just hire an experienced tasker who knows what the hell they’re talking about to write these articles, it can’t possibly get much worse. Or better yet just don’t have these tips at all, people who don’t know what they’re doing probably should not be doing such tasks.. But if you’re going to have these articles, they should at least be halfway decent, this is just an embarrassment..

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