Mounting 102: Scoping a Mounting Task

Going through a mental checklist before heading to a Mounting task can set you up for success and prevent some of the most common mistakes.

We talked to Tasker Nick C. who is a carpenter by trade and an expert mounter. Below are some of his go-to scoping steps before leaving for a Mounting task.

Pre-Task Scoping Questions To Ask The Client

  • What type of wall will I be mounting on?
    • If the Client isn’t sure, see Mounting 105: “Knowing Your Wall Types” to help the Client figure out what type of wall it is.
    • For a standard mounting job, you’ll probably be dealing with drywall, lathe and plaster wall types. This is essential to clarify early on because you’ll need special tools for concrete, cinderblock, masonry, and brick.
  • What room in the house will I be mounting in?
  • Is there furniture that will need to be moved out of the way?
  • Do you have furniture coverings or blankets to be used to protect other furniture if I’ll be mounting things above them?
  • Will the task require a ladder?
    • Sometimes Clients have the necessary ladder or step stool, and sometimes one simply isn’t needed.

To understand more about where a Client would like an item mounted, Nick C. recommends asking the following questions (once you arrive at the task location):

  • How high off the ground should the item be mounted?
  • Should it be centered? If yes, in relation to what?
  • Would you like this item aligned to other room features?
    • Holding up the item for the Client may be easier than using measurements in this case.

Pre-Task Scoping Questions To Ask Yourself

  • “Do I have all the tools I need?” 
  • “Are my drill batteries charged?”
  • “Do I have all the correct mounting hardware for the task?” If you’re not sure what to provide, always double-check with the Client via chat.
  • Double-check that you have the correct address and apartment number if applicable.

As with any task, proper scoping in advance is important to successful completion.  Keep in mind that Mounting tasks can be nuanced especially in regards to wall and tool type, which other chapters will address–read on!

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